Marble – surviving the heat with style


 Marble is a natural stone with unique properties, which has always been associated with the development of some of the major civilizations in the world. It has been used in design and construction in ancient Rome as well as in Aztec temples and some European and Asian empires, and it is one of the most popular materials used in decoration and construction nowadays. Of course, there are many reasons for its popularity among home owners, professional constructors and interior designers.

So, let’s start with the internal use of marble. It is obvious why you would like to have marble flooring – striking appearance and the diversity of colors highlighted by the mirror-like polish finish, which is more that enough to win you the admirations of your guests. But do you know what you would love about marble flooring – its cooling properties. If you don’t believe me just ask your pet – my cat has been enjoying the cooling effect of marble the whole summer. There is nothing better than the cool polished surface beneath your feet during the long hot months.

So, to what do we owe the cooling properties of marble? The answer lies in the low heat-conduction properties of the stone. It takes a lot more time to warm up than other stones. Marble is also the perfect choice for humid climates because it is water resistant. In this way, it gives you adequate protection not only against the unpleasant feeling caused by the heat, but also against the harmful effect of the bacteria thriving in hot and humid environment. Bacteria and water resistance prevent the formation of mold, which is good not only for the great appearance of your home, but also for your health and the health of your family.

The use of marble is not limited only to the interior of your home. It is hard and relatively solid, and that is why it has been used in construction, architecture, and even art for centuries. We have all heard about the magnificent Roman and Greek temples and statues made of marble. Thanks to the ability of the stone to bear a lot of strain and pressure some of them are very well preserved even today.

However, marble is favored in construction and architecture not only for its aesthetic qualities and natural hardness. Professionals prefer it once again for its cooling properties. Buildings made of marble do not consume sunlight as other buildings, therefore, your stay there is much more pleasant. So, marble once again scores against other materials, at least as long as summer heats are concerned.

Marble is not only cool but also cooling and health-friendly. It is a stylish way to improve the aesthetic value of your home while dealing with trivial problems like the long summer heats and the effects of humidity. Last but not least, what is best about marble is that it is never outdated and you can choose between a great variety of appearance and quality.

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