Divorce is a brand-risky and expensive business


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to divorce after five years of marriage

When they first got together, Tom Cruise jumped on a couch, Katie Holmes gushed girlishly, and many of their fans wondered how long it will last. Their freshly reported split could cause  much serios drama.

Not only are the images of two Hollywood stars at stake, so is the future of their 6-year-old daughter Suri. Speculating that Katie Holmes’ decision to file for divorce in New York might mean she is seeking sole custody of the little girl.

Ultimately, Tom Cruise may have the most to lose.

A divorce is going to hurt his and her public image. It will be taken as an opportunity for questions to be raised about his personal life, his religious beliefs and that is not what a box-office star really needs.

Katie Holmes’ filed for the divorce in New York in the United Satates, but not in Los Angeles, California, where they lived together. According to media reports, this may be a tactical move that signifies there will be an attempt to gain an advantage. New York’s comparative-fault divorce laws could be advantageous for Holmes. The New York city has a reputation for being most expensive in the U.S. for divorces. Katie Holmes’ master plan to file for divorce in New York may also create serious tax problems for Tom Cruise.

In the Middle East, Dubai leads in expensive divorces, but tax-wise it is easier, as the country is tax-free.

 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes married in 2006 after a whirlwind love affair. He proposed at the Eiffel Tower. Their wedding was held at a 15th century Italian castle.

She filed for divorce Thursday, ending her first marriage. This will be his third divorce. He was previously married to actresses Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children.

Divorce could actually help Katie Holmes’s brand. More people are going to be thinking about her and aware of her. This is generating a lot of sympathy and interest from people. In addition, for Katie Holmes the next decade will most probably be very successful as she is at the peak of her earning powers.

Katie Holmes, 33, rose to fame on the teen soap “Dawson’s Creek.” She did just a handful of roles until stepping things up in 2011. Holmes played Jackie” Kennedy in the Emmy-winning miniseries “The Kennedys,” appeared in Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill” and just wrapped a film with William Hurt. She is set to start another project in July.

Meanwhile, Cruise, who turns 50 in few days, has remained a megastar. His latest role, as an Axl Rose-style rock star in “Rock of Ages,” has won him strong reviews and his most recent “Mission Impossible” installment, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” has made more than $690 million worldwide.

Tom Cruise’s brand has always been the dynamic, likable hero. The public may now find it harder to admire him as a hero when there are serious questions about what kind of husband and father he is.


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