Diamonds will always be girls’ best friends


Diamonds Valentine’s Day Reminder

Diamonds giant De Beers reported a 27% bump in sales last year, but warned that 2012 will be a slower for business due to economic uncertainty.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, there is plenty of diamonds on offer also in Dubai, when it comes to size, quality   and prices.  Small hearth shaped pendants with small  diamonds can be found in the range from AED500 to AED1,000. Online shoppers can still save the Ventine’s day with the right amount for a great rock in an email- or Facebook-delivered  Amazon’s Gift Card.

The company, which makes ads such as “She already knows you love her. Now everyone else will too”, reported profits of $939 million in 2011, up 42% from $546 million a year earlier.

Average prices for the sparkly gems rose 29%, according to the diamonds company, while consumer demand grew between 11% to 13%. The second half of 2011 saw a drop in prices and slowing demand, especially in India.

De Beers said in a statement that it expects continued growth in diamonds sales this year, “albeit at lower levels than the exceptional 2011.”


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