Kindness to people with special needs at Global Village


Global Village, the largest entertainment outdoor venue in the region, is always keen to provide all facilities to people with special needs and enable them to get a great shopping and fun experience.

Global Village dedicated special car park for this category near entry gates and special gates to suit their Special circumstances.

Out of its keenness to provide utmost care to this category, Global Village gives people with special needs the opportunity to enter free of charge and enjoy all facilities with their caretaker as well. Global Village offers them fun and entertainment experiences can’t find them in anywhere else.

In addition, Global Village offers special vehicles to transport around the park. Also, all Global Village pavilions are designed with sliding entrance to facilitate their entry to all the shops.

Out of its keenness to offer all securities and safety measures to people with special needs, Global Village designed bridges to be used in the transport to either side of Global Village’s lake. Bridges also enables people with special needs to capture photos for all pavilions and events from a high level.

Furthermore, Global Village offers ATM with sliding gates enabling people with special needs to use them and in the safety and confidentially without assistant from their caretaker or friends.

Global Village also allocated special places to people with special needs enable them to enjoy shows away from crowds. Front seats rows dedicated for them at theaters around Global Village. In additions to special places, Global Village was keen to provide comfortable washrooms suiting this category.

Proceeding from the principle of taking into account the special circumstances of all visitors, Global Village offers Information Kiosks and several numbers of volunteers who provide support for all visitors.

For further information about shows and events about Global Village, kindly visit You can also watch all shows on Global Village channel on the internet 24/7 or call 043624114.
Since its inception in 1997, Global Village has become the key entertainment and shopping destination in the region. It includes rich diverse cultures and civilizations, and offers a diverse range of restaurants and shops from across the world. In fact, Global Village is the main entertainment, culture and family fun destination in the region.


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