Top 10 favorite romantic comedies


Celebrated rom-coms to get you in the wedding spirit

You can’t beat a good rom-com ladies, and even the guys can be subject to the charm and wit of the odd chick flick. You’ve got romance, comedy and usually a pretty good looking cast, so to get you in a romantic mood how about watching one of our top 10 romantic comedies? Arrange a night in with your bridesmaids or put your husband-to-be through the paces and get him romantically inspired (it might work, you never know…).

27 Dresses

Rom-com queen Katherine Heigl portrays a helpless serial bridesmaid when all she longs for is to be the bride. Forever the lovable one, Katherine’s character Jane bites her tongue when it comes to her true romantic feelings for her boss, while letting her younger sister snap him up instead. The happy ending you all want to see but with hilarious dramas along the way. Hopefully this film will make you appreciate the importance of family when it comes to weddings, but also make you laugh out loud at the catfights between the comical sisters.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Classic comedy depicting the struggles of a Greek woman and a non-Greek man who fall in love against their parents’ wishes. Toula, a Greek woman with big ambitions, tries to come to terms with her Greek heritage and culture while balancing her feelings for Ian, a dashing teacher who she’s fallen for. With family pressures to marry a Greek man and an unnerved boyfriend (thanks to her huge and intimidating family) many a bride can relate to this comedy and sympathise with Toula’s heartache and stress before the wedding.

The Wedding Planner

Lovable Lopez plays a control freak wedding planner in this wedding rom-com until she meets a dashing doctor who opens her eyes to her own emotions and desires and not just those of the brides in her care. With an unexpected twist and a change of heart later, JLo finds the happy ever after she has always dreamed of –and this time with the true man of her dreams. For all those brides who put everyone else’s feelings before their own, this film will give you the confidence to follow your dreams!

The Proposal

Hilarious comedy with a totally different spin; two colleagues plan to marry for all the wrong reasons in a fast-paced, quirky plot. High powered editor Margaret (Sandra Bullock) faces deportation from the US so blackmails her assistant (the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds) to marry her with the promise of a promotion. Facing a suspicious immigration officer they spend time together to get to know one another, but is this enough to base a marriage on? If not just for ogling at Reynolds, watch this rom-com for true comic value.

Sex and the City the Movie

The wedding of the decade (after Kate and Will, of course)! Dramas, divas and dresses (designer, obviously) this is the ultimate girly wedding film –definitely one to watch with your bridesmaids and glasses of pink champagne. The legendary SJP and her gals plan the most extravagant wedding for it to be called off at the last minute. A true sisterhood film that will get you and your girls in the mood for some cocktails and a catch up.

I Love You, Man

One to watch with your fella, this film portrays a groom’s struggle to find a best man when he hasn’t got any male friends of his own. A bit of bromance later, and Peter (Paul Rudd) meets the ‘man of his dreams’ and the male bonding commences; rocking out on their guitars, playing sport and drinking beer – it’s a man’s world.

Valentine’s Day

Snippets of one Valentine’s Day in LA from all kinds of angles on love – soppy school kids, heartbroken exes and long-time lovers. This rom-com will open your eyes to love’s strange ways and hopefully make you appreciate the love you have in your own lives. Full of ups and downs and strange twists (don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you) this one will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. A pick and mix of love and lust, Valentine’s Day in this film has all of the mishaps and miracles of a lifetime of love.

Love Actually

The iconic British rom-com is a must-have in any film collection. The cast is the cream of the crop and there is definitely somebody and something for everyone in this hilarious yet heartfelt movie. A representation of different perspectives of love, this film will open your eyes while making them crease with laughter at the same time. With favourites Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Emma Thompson there’s nothing you can’t love about this festive film.


An oldie but a goody, starring Kate Beckinsale and the dashing John Cusack, this film highlights the uncanny coincidence of being in the right place at the right time and how life is full of funny coincidences. Definitely not one for the cynics out there, as this film plays on the love at first sight notion, but somehow its cheesiness becomes lovable and watching a romance develop on screen is always a must in rom-coms.

What Happens in Vegas

Tongue in cheek drunken antics of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher as they ‘accidentally’ get wed in Vegas on an alcohol-fuelled night out. Hopefully your wedding will follow a little more planning than theirs, but its hilarity makes up for any faux pas. When they strike lucky on a slot machine, winning a $3million jackpot, trouble brews over who is the rightful owner. Their ‘marriage’ is put to the test as they resolve their differences and agree to play the happily married couple in order for the money to be released to them.


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