dealsNmeals Dubai launched

651 offers its subscribers daily deals in the city of Dubai on fantastic restaurants, hotels, spa’s, health clubs, event tickets and many other life-style activities.

Sevak Boyadjian, Managing Director says: ,,We did a lot of research before we set up dealsNmeals, as one might think the market is saturated with so many group-buying websites in Dubai. Through our research we found out that most of our competitors are missing out on some key elements of the marketing aspect’’.

While it is a group-buying websites target to sell as many coupons as possible, it’s a business’ target to gain new clientele and turn them into regulars.

During our research we found that many of our target customers were not happy with coupons purchased through competitors as they often failed to receive the expected service when redeeming a coupon. Needless to say they would not return to that business. That is of course a major failure as it defeats the marketing objective of offering the coupon in the first place. This is why we have incorporated staff training as a part of our service to the merchant so we ensure staff is aware of the importance and aim of the deal and use the opportunity to turn coupon customers into loyal customers.

While we still offer a discounted product, a business owner should see this as offering potential customers a trial of their product or service. The aim for them is to reach out to new customers and turn them into permanent customers. Our part is to get the merchants name out there and find potential customers for them.

This why we only focus on a maximum of 2 daily deals, and not on a whole bunch of side deals. On a business will get noticed, as there are no side deals distracting away from the featured business being advertised, hence the merchant will get maximum exposure.

‘’We also found that many customers had enough of the ‘funny stories’ explaining the deal offerings that are around. It is not a secret that time is of the essence these days’’, says IT Director Azhar, ‘’consumers just want to know the main aspects of the deal, buy it and get on with their work of whatever they were doing prior to visiting; that’s why we restrict our explanation to the minimum without unnecessary lengthy stories. We aim to keep the site and our deal information relevant and to the point, simple, straight forward information to keep as user friendly as possible.’’

When asked about the expected growth for, Boyadjian answers: ,,As like any newly established company, we start small and remain humble, we are aware that with such stiff competition in the market it might take more time for consumers to notice We do not expect 100’s of sold daily deals in the first months, but we do believe that once consumers experience the dealsNmeals difference we will retain a loyal and growing customer base, as at the end of the day quality in goods and service is what really counts!

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