UAE leads GCC countries in volume of infrastructure expenditure


The total volume of GCC countries’ construction projects of roads and bridges — currently existing and planned — is estimated at around USD 142 billion, a study by Ventures Middle East reported on Saturday.

The study was published before the opening of “Gulf Traffic” expo hosted by Dubai International Financial Center next month. It noted that UAE took the lead of the total GCC countries volume of infrastructure expenditure, after opening Dubai Metro Green Line. With Abu Dhabi’s USD 25 billion ground transport project, the volume of roads and bridges projects would reach USD 58 billion in UAE; a 40 percent of the total size of projects in the GCC region, the study added.

Saudi Arabia comes in second place, after UAE, with a volume of USD 48 billion, followed by Qatar with USD 17 billion, then Kuwait with USD 9,4 billion, Oman USD 8 billion and a billion US dollar for Bahrain. The main goals of these robust infrastructure projects are to raise the level of road safety and decrease traffic congestion in the region.

The Gulf Traffic conference, held once every two years, focuses on the road, parking and public transport industries in the Middle East. It brings together leading suppliers and provides them with the opportunity to meet with targeted audiences wanting to source the latest trends and technologies.


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