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Dubai Chronicle would like to introduce Mr. Santosh Kothari, founder of Mira Fashion and Mondecor retail multi-stores. He is also the creator of the “Mirella la Fleur” brand for women home ware, undergarments and home accessories. The label was at first introduced to the UAE market three years ago, but since then it became a success between the regular customers thanks to the unique mixture of latest fashion trends, good quality and reasonable pricing. High quality of cotton fabrics, new collections every season, detail oriented branding are just few of the characteristics of Mirella brand of home wear for women.

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Santosh Kothari shares his experience of a businessman in UAE and his vision about the retail industry.

Q.: Please tell Dubai Chronicle readers about yourself. Since how long you live in UAE? What is the nature of your business?

A.: I have been in UAE for over 12 years now. The nature of my business is retailing. We own and operate multi-stores for ready made garments for women and home decorations.

Q.: Do you find it difficult to do business in the Emirates? What is the most-recent obstacle you have met?

A.: I have not faced any major difficulties in doing business in UAE, from the beginning, until now.

Q.: You have set up your company in Ajman industrial area more than 10 years ago. Do you find a difference in the administrative process between now, when you are renewing the company’s trade license, and back then?

A.: The process of renewing the trade license has become better due to the modern technologies. Everything is computerized nowadays, and all the administrative procedures do not take long time.

Q.: We know that the concept of your stores is a family oriented, but how and why you decided to venture in this field, in particular?

A.: I felt there was room for a concept like the home ware for women whom we have developed exclusively – “Mirella la Fleur” – as most of the stores I had seen before do not offer real value for money. Hence, I felt if there was a complete store catering, mainly to bed, bath and ambiance of the home, it would work.

Q.: From where do you source the collections for your stores? And how do you get the latest trends in women and children fashion?

A.: We have our own professional designers and factories. The trends, in terms of colors of the season, are known by attending various fashion trade fairs overseas.

Q.: Do you find it difficult to deal with UAE costumers? Do they have any specific characteristics?

A.: Not really, UAE customers are quite knowledgeable and are well aware of what they would like to buy. Having been in the business for long, we understand also their needs and trends of purchase.

Q.: In your views, what the feature holds for retail and apparel industry?

A.: Retail will always be a good business for someone who can change according to the requirement of the markets and customers, fortunately we emphasis on this always.

Thank you very much for your time and we wish you all the success in every future business venture!

Mondecor interior decoration store is located in the new industrial area of Ajman. For further information please call: 06 7480924


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