Mother’s Day with Forrey & Galland


Handmade French chocolate maker, Forrey & Galland, has put together a collection of exquisite gifts designed for Mother’s Day. In this new collection, lavishly crafted and perfected Rose Macaroon are joined by the delicate essence of Orange Blossom and the mouth watering Rose Chocolate in an exclusive package for this special occasion.

Forrey & Galland’s creative French artisans fashion each creation from beginning to end. Each macaroon is an inspired concoction which is a reflection of what a mother represents; icons of love, decidedly feminine and crowned with the ultimate sense of beauty and grace.

The exclusive Mother’s day collection is presented in a double deck box adorned with beautiful flowers that are a token of gratitude for all what the mother is. This ideal gift for any mother across the world combines two symbols of love and devotion presented in flowers and chocolate.

Inside this gorgeous box, an assortment of delicious handmade sweets and French Macaroons are prepared with the utmost care and attention to perfect a very special gift to a very special person.

Forrey & Galland also features an endless variety of creatively flavoured chocolates, French macroon, marzipans, nougats and cookies. The boutique is located at Dubai Mall (Lower Ground Level).


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