Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development (MCYCD) announced a cultural calendar with more than 950 activities



  • Cultural activities by other government departments to come under MCYCD umbrella

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development (MCYCD) has announced a cultural calendar chockfull of activity for the year 2011, with more than 950 activities scheduled to be held at cultural centres across the country. The new calendar includes expansion of existing programmes and several new additions.

Hakam Al Hashemi, Community Development Assistant at MCYCD, said the Ministry is working on the final version of the Action Plan for the Cultural Centers to determine the financial allocations of the centres.

The plan puts emphasis on programmes that encourage young people, discover new talent and raises the level of cultural awareness among young people. More than 250 such events, including contests and promotional programs, are designed for young people and students this year, he said.

This is in addition to more than 700 cultural and recreational activities including training workshops, lectures and annual celebrations and various programmes, which are to be implemented throughout the year.

The cultural centres organised 665 diverse cultural, recreational, educational and artistic programmes last year, and 243 programmes and competitions to promote reading.

Under this years plans many government agencies will work under the umbrella of the Ministry in order to build bridges of cooperation between the Ministry and other government agencies, he added.
The Ministry’s strategy focuses on discovering talented students and promoting their creative energies through the various workshops offered to young people at the various cultural centres.


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