Dubai Culture’s Virtual Museum Tours Integrated into Remote-learning Curriculum


Benefitting 11,304 students from 94 schools

· comprising tours of Etihad Museum Al Shindagha Museum, Coins Museum, Dubai Museum, Poet Al Oqaili Museum, and Naif Museum

With the closure of the academic year in the UAE, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority celebrates the successful integration of its museums into the remote-learning curriculum that benefited over 11,304 students from 298 tours conducted with students of over 94 public and private schools.

The tours provided the younger generation with an enriching opportunity to virtually explore the heritage and culture of Dubai via the latest technologies, including interactive walkthrough tours of museums and full-angle panoramic images.

Dubai Culture held these live guided tours in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Dubai Knowledge and the Human Development Authority as part of its commitment to underscore the importance of museums among the younger generations, with an aim to enrich their knowledge of Emirati history and culture through innovative, interactive channels.

The virtual tours were hosted by cultural guides through a digital meeting platform and the Dubai 360 website, an online platform that offers panoramic video and photographic content of several sites of interest across the city.

Etihad Museum was privileged to have the Minister of Education, H.E. Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi join a virtual guided tour alongside students from Khalifa City A School in Abu Dhabi.

His Excellency Hussein bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, started his speech by expressing his gratitude for the officials and those in charge of Etihad Museum for this tour, during which they accompanied the students to a historical and distinguished national landmark that houses the history of the homeland and pictures embodying many stages, including the foundation stage by the Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

He emphasised that the Ministry of Education is keen on continuing the virtual activities that link students with their past, present, and future.

His Excellency said: “This virtual journey constituted a valuable opportunity for our students to learn more about their past before the foundation period and beyond through a sequence of events. It also sheds light on the future-forward vision of the UAE leadership through stories of the union as seen by the eyes of the leaders of the country, reflecting the Emirates’ human heritage.

He stated that this vibrant, modern, authentic museum presents a unique opportunity for visitors and students to get acquainted with the history of the UAE. He also pointed out that Etihad Museum helps acquaint visitors with the UAE constitution, as well as with its laws, values, and principles, and contains valuable features that tell the story of the Emirates and immortalises its national symbols that made it the country it is today.

His Excellency also expressed his happiness on having taken part in this virtual journey of the museum that witnessed the Founding Fathers who consolidated the pillars of the homeland and built it with dedication. He also highlighted that his happiness is made even greater in the presence of his children whom he calls upon to preserve the heritage of the nation and be proud of it, because it is a reflection of their identity and of the values of goodness, benevolence, loyalty, and responsibility.

Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture, said, “This initiative sought to achieve Dubai’s vision of strengthening the cultural sector in the city and was in line with the responsibility of the Authority to fulfil the goals of our leadership. The tours were a part of our ongoing efforts to familiarise the younger generation with the emirate’s cultural institutions and help them gain insightful, first-hand knowledge of the Emirati history through enhancing capabilities in creative expression, and highlighting the museums’ pioneering role as cultural and educational centres among school students.”

The tours, which started with Etihad Museum in April, were extended to cover all the museums managed by the Authority, including Al Shindagha Museum, Coins Museum, Dubai Museum, Poet Al Oqaili Museum, and Naif Museum.


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