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Astana Ballet Debuts at Dubai Opera with Two Masterpieces

  • Sultan Baybars and The Legend of Love at the Dubai Opera this autumn.

Astana Ballet Theatre, Kazakhstan’s leading ballet company will premier its two masterpieces, The Legend of Love and Sultan Baybars at Dubai Opera, this season.

Resurrecting epics from the East, the two narrations are expected to mesmerize audience with their large-scale performances, extravagant productions and enchanting pas deux.  In what promises to be an enthralling showcase, Astana Ballet troupe will wow spectators with exceptional display of dance exalted with sacrifice, glory and delivered with panache.

Organised by world-class event management and production firm Aurora Events, the performances are scheduled on 27th and 28th October 2021; The Legend of Love while Sultan Baybars recital will take centre stage on 29th and 30th October 2021. Tickets for both shows are now on sale online.

Choreographed by Yuri Grigorovich,“The Legend of Love” is a poetic interpretation that has received phenomenon fame and accolades. This timeless recital of a love triangle between Queen Mekhmene, her younger sister, Shireen and the handsome Ferkhad continues to mesmerize audience 50 years on.  Its outstanding duets exude pure bliss and surrendered romance drawing spectators to experience pure love, passion as well as struggles of obligations and sense of duty. “The Legend of Love” spectacular performance, enchanting oriental melodies and captivating narration transcends beyond expectation as the sisters battle for one man’s affection and eternal love.  Yuri Grigorovich transforms this dramatic saga into a powerful performance of love, sacrifice and tragedy. 

Captured from his beloved homeland of Kypchak steppe and sold into slavery, a boy rises to become one of the most revered army commanders in history of the 13th century Middle East. Baybars Sultan narrates the history of Az-Zahir  Rukin Ad-Din Baybars’ extraordinary diplomacy, triumphs and conquests that catapulted him on to the throne of Egypt and Syria. Choreographed by Mukaram Avakhri, Astana Ballet’s transformation of “Sultan Baybars” epitomizes and captures the true historic spirit of the slave who became Sultan, who craved for his homeland at the height of his glory.

“The Astana Ballet Theatre has become the pride of Kazakh national ballet; their remarkable ovation on the world stage has made astounding contribution. Our aspiration is not only to introduce Kazakh ballet but to showcase our magnificent global experience as talented and world-class event production company. Our expertise as event creators envelops total solution, from concept development right through to production. We have staged several signature performances around the world delivered by a team of professionals with extensive experience” said Mr. Kairat Kulbayev Founder, Aurora Events.

Since its launch in 2013, Astana Ballet Theatre has had a significant impact on the cultural landscape of Kazakhstan. The company’s popularity continues to soar globally with its diverse repertoire of grand and spectacular productions. They continue to feature top dancers, elaborated backgrounds and intricately designed costumes to present outstanding epics throughout their performances. 

Astana Ballet Theatre has performed in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Monaco, San Francisco and  its premier in the UAE debuts to promote the dance company across the Middle East. With plans to bring more recitals in the city, Astana Ballet Theatre is expected to make a mark in the city’s annual calendar.



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