Julea Domani Opens New Showroom at Palm Strip Shopping Mall


Award-winning designer, Zeena Zaki, to showcase her latest designs and collections at the new Julea Domani showroom in Dubai

Dubai Investment Properties (DIP), one of the leading real estate developers in UAE, today announced that Julea Domani has opened its first showroom in Dubai at the Palm Strip Shopping Mall. Zeena Zaki, the designer behind the Julea Domani brand and the winner of ‘Best Female Designer in Prêt-à-Porter’award at the Dubai Fashion Week 2010, will showcase her latest designs and collections at the new showroom in Jumeirah.

Speaking on their plans, Mr. Fawwaz Al Hakeem, Owner of Julea Domani said, “Zeena Zaki is a renowned designer in this region and has won many awards for her intricately designed evening gowns and bridal gowns. Customers from all over the region have been approaching Zeena Zaki to buy her latest collections. Hence we felt it was important to open our boutique showroom in Jumeirah to not only serve our customers from Dubai and the Northern Emirates better but to also to attract potential customers from other GCC countries  as well  since Dubai is a preferred shopping destination for them.”

Julea Domani is a well-known ladies apparel brand created by Zeena Zaki, whose designs have been inspired from the Victorian and Edwardian era. With a perfectly central showroom at Palm Strip Shopping Mall, Ms. Zaki also plans to meet with customers through appointments, consult with them and customise her designs to suit their requirements. The new showroom at Palm Strip is the first of many showrooms the designer plans to open globally.

“We were looking for a well-known mid-size shopping mall for our new showroom in Dubai. We did extensive research and found that Palm Strip Shopping Mall to be an ideal fit because of its central location in Jumeirah, ease of access and the availability of ample parking spaces. Our clients coming from Abu Dhabi and other countries will not only have the convenience of shopping in Jumeirah but will also be able to unwind in the Mall’s relaxed ambiance,” Mr. Al Hakeem added.

Since its launch in 1997, Palm Strip Shopping Mall has been the hot spot of the Jumeirah area. With its trendy architectural style, carved terraces, beautiful green landscapes, branded shops, selected food outlets and open air cafes, the mall is a perfect blend of the style and sophistication of modern lifestyle and the traditions of the Arabian Peninsula. Palm Strip Shopping Mall has been home to flagship stores of high profile well-established brands and Julea Domani by Zeena Zaki is the latest entrant to establish their showroom there.

“Zeena Zaki is a well-known designer in the region and we are delighted that she has chosen Palm Strip for her first showroom in Dubai. We welcome Julea Domani by Zeena Zaki and extend our full support in helping them take their brand to even greater heights. We are confident that Julea Domani’s customers will be happy with the new showroom at the Palm Strip Shopping Mall,” says Mr. Deepak Chawla, Operations Manager at DIP.


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