The Words You Have Been Waiting For…Chocolate is Good For You!


Finally, the words we have been waiting to hear…chocolate is good for you! Eating chocolate has been scientifically proven to lift the mood and generate a feel good sense; but what many people may not know is that it also has a therapeutic power on the skin, in addition to its internal impact on people’s moods. Great news for chocolate lovers everywhere!

This is particularly good news for the launch of the Toblerone Chocolate Spa promotion that kicks off today (Thursday 16th April). In its effort to provide its consumers with its therapeutic powers, and in addition to the great taste they have grown accustomed to for over 100 years, Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate has partnered with Hilton Hotels spas across the UAE to offer the perfect mix for chocolate lovers: a combined experience of chocolate and quintessential Hilton hospitality in the form of a luxurious, chocolate spa treatment.

Chocolate contains minerals and anti-oxidants which promote good health both inside and out. Flavonoids contained in chocolate have been shown to help prevent illnesses such as heart disease so the idea of eating chocolate sounds like a tempting and delicious way to better your health. Chocolate has a therapeutic value, and the smell alone can trick your brain into releasing endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones, giving you a natural high. While cocoa beans have a fibrous coating that breaks down free radicals and bestows antioxidant benefits that can protect the collagen and elastin in your skin.

Wael Kaskas, Category Marketing Manager, Biscuits, Confectionary, Coffee and Grocery, said; “Toblerone chocolate has stood the test of time and its popularity means it has been around for 100years. It’s unique shape, which is modeled on the Swiss Matterhorn Mountain, and chocolate blend leaves Toblerone being instantly recognizable and indulgent. This chocolate is made to be enjoyed so partnering with Hilton Hotels was a logical step to ensure our consumers experience an ultimate indulgence of the senses.”

Sharon Barcock, Hilton Worldwide’s Director of Spa Operations & Development, Middle East & Africa, said; “We are delighted to be partnering with Kraft Foods  in providing UAE customers with the ultimate chocolate spa indulgence. Each Hilton spa experience is tailored to deliver focused guest service and professional expertise through our unrivalled menu of signature treatments.”

“Our Glowing Body Treatment in Chocolate indulges your mind as well as your body; while the chocolate scrub and lotion work their magic on reviving your skins cells, the cocoa enzymes and chocolate aroma signal your brain into releasing endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones, giving you a natural high. You leave the treatment with a glowing complexion and an elated sense of well-being.”

Chocolate spa treatments have several benefits for your skin including:
* The cocoa butter that can be extracted from cacao beans, is rich in fatty acids which can provide great softening effects on the skin.
* Glycerides are ingredients which can also be found in cocoa which provide moisturizing lipids and fats. These will help plump and firm your skin.

So indulge your senses and enjoy double the pleasure without guilt! Through this joint promotion, consumers have the opportunity to win a free Chocolate Spa Treatment at Hilton Hotels spas at HiltonDubai Jumeirah, Hilton Abu Dhabi and Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa. Further, customers can also redeem their AED50 Hilton Spa discount vouchers at any one of the three listed Hilton spas.


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