Exclusive perfume produced in Dubai to commemorate UAE National Day


The Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment (formerly DSF Office) has rolled out an exclusive perfume to commemorate the 38th UAE National Day. Named December 2nd, the fragrance will be gifted to residents and visitors in Dubai as part of the customary welcome during ‘Eid in Dubai’, organized by DEPE to celebrate Eid Al Adha and the National Day.

Festivities for ‘Eid in Dubai’ will last a whole week beginning November 27 and running till December 3. Created by Mohammed Hilal, the well-known Emarati perfumer, for the brand Anfasic Dokhoon, 100,000 bottles of the fragrance will be distributed during the week. Hilal, a pilot by profession, discovered his penchant for perfumes and is renowned in the UAE for creating sophisticated blends of oils.

Laila Suhail, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment said, “Eid Al Adha coincides with the 38th UAE National Day this year and since this is a rare occurrence, we decided to celebrate this occasion by creating something exclusive and innovative that would embody the spirit of both Eid and the National Day. As a gift, this fragrance reflects the values of Eid in sharing, and as a perfume, it denotes the Emarati tradition since dokhoon, bukhoor, and perfumes are an integral part of our rich cultural heritage.”

December 2nd was created with a blend of scents with each or a group of scents reflecting characteristics of Dubai and UAE. While plum and peach are the top notes of the perfume, rose, ylang ylang, and jasmine form the middle notes, while vanilla, henna, musk, and amber form the base notes.

Visitors coming to Dubai will receive this exclusive gift at different shopping malls and locations across Dubai through Fuwallat and Dhiyafat Al Eid, the traditional way of welcoming visitors during Eid.


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