Multicultural team of over 300 new staff, comprising 40 nationalities, recruited for KidZania® at The Dubai Mall


1. Global recruitment complements cosmopolitan profile of Dubai
2. First of its kind edutainment concept offers professional role play for children

International staff recruited for KidZania Mexico KidZania®, the newest leisure zone soon to open at the entertainment precinct of The Dubai Mall, has recruited a multicultural team of over 300 service professionals. The team, trained to offer the highest standards of safety and customer service, comprises new recruits from as far afield as Fiji to Cameroon and Brazil to Macedonia.

The 300-plus team, comprising 40 nationalities, will serve the dedicated children’s ‘edutainment’ zone that spreads over an area of over 80,000 sq ft. The mini-city, with scaled down versions of real-life streets and business establishments, offers children the opportunity to learn new skills through the oldest game of all times – role play.

Mr Arif Amiri, Chief Executive Officer, Emaar Retail, which manages KidZania®, said that the multicultural team has been recruited specifically to meet the cosmopolitan demographic profile of Dubai. “With close to 200 nationalities living in this city, it is important that a new children’s entertainment concept has trained staff from a cross-section of cultures. They have all undergone an intensive training programme on service and safety aspects, as well as the various aspects of KidZania®.”

He added: “KidZania® will trigger the imagination of children by offering them over 70 real-like professional roles including a surgeon, a pilot, a chef, a firefighter, a mechanic and artist, among others. All the activities will be undertaken in a safe and secure environment, which will be managed by our trained professionals.”

Among the new recruits are people from 40 countries, all of them selected for past experience in leisure zones. Scheduled to open shortly, KidZania®, first developed in Mexico in 1999, is a successful and hands-on offering of edutainment suiting children of all ages. Additional KidZania® franchises are located in Tokyo, Jakarta and Lisbon, with Seoul soon to open.

KidZania® is the third leisure zone at the entertainment precinct following the recent opening of SEGA Republic, an indoor theme park, and Reel Cinemas, the largest megaplex in Dubai.


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