Last cladding panel of Burj Dubai ready for installation


1. Arabian Aluminium Company completes last of the 24,348 panels
2. Six-metre long glass, aluminium and steel panel will be installed at the bottom of Burj Dubai’s spire

The last cladding panel of Burj Dubai Panel number 24348, the last piece of glass cladding that will complete the exterior of Emaar Properties’ Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building, is now ready and awaiting installation.

Arabian Aluminium Company – a member of Al Ghurair Construction Industries LLC, started work on the exterior cladding of Burj Dubai in April 2007 and is now entering the final phase of cladding with the manufacture of the six-metre long last panel for the tower. The panel will be transported to the Burj Dubai work site for installation in the coming weeks.

The main materials used in the cladding are reflective glazing, aluminium mullions and textured steel spandrels with vertical stainless steel tubular fins.

Emaar representatives with partners at the production of Burj Dubai last cladding panelThe cladding accentuates Burj Dubai’s height while lending it a shimmering slenderness. Panels of more than 18 different strength specifications and over 200 sizes are being used for Burj Dubai, all of them double-glazed and factory-sealed.

This is the first time that Arabian Aluminium Company has worked on a project of this scale and took great care to ensure that each manufactured panel that left their factory met the highest standards and strictest specifications.

Currently standing at over 800 metres and scheduled to open this year, Burj Dubai is at the centre of Downtown Burj Dubai, a 500-acre mega project described as the new heart of the city of Dubai.


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