Jungle Mania fun corner for children opens at The Dubai Mall


Supervisors to care for children while parents go shopping

rosanna-jessica-and-suzie-with-their-yamaha-silent-electronic-instrumentsThe children’s play area at The Dubai Mall is buzzing with activity. The Festival@The Dubai Mall, which draws in family crowds to the mall, is offering little ones an array of opportunities for having loads of fun. A popular attraction to the festivities is the Jungle Mania.

Jungle Mania keeps children in the age-group of 2 to 8 years engaged with activities that focus on nature. The advantage offered by the entertainment zone is that parents can leave their children in the care of trained childcare professionals, and enjoy shopping in the mall.

A mother of one of the children in the play area said: “This is a great facility that the mall has provided. I am extremely happy that my kids are enjoying the games and mingling with the other children. The Dubai Mall has considered not only visitors, but also the children accompanying them with this convenient facility.”

The childcare concept in the entertainment zone has been introduced with the idea of allowing the elders to be relaxed while they shop, as they can leave their children in a clean, safe and entertaining environment.

children-playing-at-jubgle-mania-at-the-dubai-mallThe mall has several play areas for children, located near Fashion Avenue on the ground floor and within the Food Court in the second level. Activities include bouncing castles, slides, ladders and other fun games.


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