Al Barari at a glance


With more than 330  5 & 7 bedroom secluded villas surrounded by trees and lakes spread over 14.2 million square feet, Al Barari is considered to be the lowest density development in the region with over 80 percent un-built area.

The Al Barari villa development, Dubai is a self-contained retreat with exclusive residential spaces amid cobbled pathways, themed gardens, music parks, open-air theatres and fine organic restaurants.

Each villa is an inimitable haven with a landscaped private garden, infinity pool, water features and outdoor massage area.

The price of a villa starts from $10.3 billion, with prices of apartments ranging from $1.4 billion to $4 billion.

Phase one of the project, which is 75 percent complete.

Infrastructure and earthworks will start at the end of the year on phase two, which includes a six-star boutique hotel, 32 villas, a spa and resort, apartments, shopping areas, gardens, a grand mosque and a cultural village.

The entire scheme should be completed by the end of 2011.

Functionally, the development is split into 6 prime zones – Villas, Boutique Hotel, Kasbah, The Healing Haven, Themed Gardens & Nursery.

The luxury villas are being build in  4 distinct architectural styles – Acacia, Bromellia, Camellia & Dahlia. Together, these villa types conjure up a world where you can give vent to your design ethos unabashedly. Each villa is an inimitable haven with a landscaped private garden, infinity pool, water features and outdoor massage area. Uncluttered & echoing a secluded lifestyle, the Al Barari villa project is unrivalled in scope and vision, because of its uniquely designed verdant boulevards and proximity to wildlife sanctuary.


Villa Acacia

Al Barari – Villa Acacia The flat-roofed Villas Acacia are a throwback on traditional Arabian luxury chalets; all properties of this layout type have attached swimming pools, private gardens & water features.

Villa Bromellia

Al Barari – Villa Bromelia These villas are set amid lily-filled ponds & picturesque lawns. At night, their subtly lit gardens coalesce with the flicker of Arabian lamps.

Villa Camellia

Al Barai – Villa Camellia The architecture of Villas Camellia is a blend of functionality & aesthetic innovation. These delicately-hued dwellings are built purely from earth-born materials & are adorned by indoor plants. Their patios overlook herb gardens & are fitted with outdoor dining, private massage & shower facilities.

Villa Dahlia

Al Barai – Villa Dahlia The Villas Dahlia have glass walls opening up to terraces, superbly landscaped gardens & an infinity pool with unhindered views of botanical gardens & wildlife sanctuary. Additionally, they have high ceilings, high windows, barbecue/dining areas, skylights & ingenious roof terraces above vast courtyards with water motifs

Themed Gardens

Al Barai – Themed Gardens Owing to its numerous landscaped retreats Al Barari, Dubai is bound to draw horticultural & botanical enthusiasts by the hordes. This development showcases exotic offerings like Balinese Gardens, Islamic style Gardens, Contemporary Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens. Botanical Gardens, Water Gardens, Woodland, Renaissance Gardens, Floral Gardens, Sculpture Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Rainforest/Biodome, Secret Garden, Adventure Garden, Rose/Fragrance Garden, Arid Education, Botanical Core Garden, Musical Gardens.

Boutique Hotel

Al Barai – Boutique Hotel From its elevated position above the villages and gardens within the resort, the Al Barari Boutique Hotel surveys the entire development. Guests are treated to views of the lakes & gardens, as well as the drifting sands of the outlying desert and some mystifyingly beautiful sunsets. A hideaway reflective of rich Arabian heritage, the hotel incorporates high-class organic restaurants and elite lounge bars.


Aside from being a residential and recreational resort, Al Barari is also about celebrating indigenous culture; one of the highlights of the project is a self-contained Kasbah.


• Amphitheatres, art galleries, music, dance & art schools.

• Designed by Dar al Omran, winner of many Aga Khan Islamic    Architecture Awards

• Restaurants offering world-class cuisines

• Retail outlets like delicatessens, DIY stores & cigar bars

• Boutique offices

• Riyadh Homes for lovers of commune-like living

The Healing Haven

Al Barai – Healing Heaven Surrounded by a beautiful lake and spectacular gardens, The Healing Haven offers full services in the treatment of chronic illnesses, lifestyle management and health boosting leisure activities like anti-aging therapy, smoking cessation, alternate birthing & nutritional guidance. The Healing Haven is set to be one of the most progressive and exclusive health sanctuaries on the planet for complete healing of mind & body. This therapeutic marvel combines conventional medicine with Homeopathy, Holistic therapies, Chinese, Ayurvedic and other proven curative & preventive methods. With its own secluded cottages by the water’s edge, guests can either come daily or stay for extended periods.


Al Barari owns and operates one of the largest plant nurseries in the Middle East, supplying the development with rare and unusual plants. For the past three years, Al Barari Nursery has researched various species of plants and has introduced over 1800 new species of plants to the UAE.


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