Sharjah’s Museums


The cultural capital of the UAE

No trip to Sharjah is complete without exploring its many fascinating and interactive museums. Whatever the age or interests, Sharjah offers a unique experience.

Sharjah has a rich heritage of arts and culture and was nominated as the Cultural Capital of the Arab world by UNESCO in 1998. Under the guidance of Sharjah’s ruler, His Highness Sheikh Dr.Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the emirate has preserved its culture and Arabian heritage in the form of historic buildings, museums, learning centres and nature reserves. Across the emirate, Sharjah comprises of almost 20 museums, spanning the arts, science, Islam, traditional cultural and lifestyle, archaeology, natural history, historical houses and forts, botany and so much more.

And to keep you discovering, the old area of Al Khan is being transformed into a magnificent state-of-the-art park featuring an impressive new maritime museum and an amazing aquarium with an underwater walkway, due to open in 2008. The new Sharjah Museum of Islamic Arts and Culture will also open soon exhibiting a unique collection of rare Islamic artefacts.

In Kalba, the interesting places to visit are an old fort and the prominent beach side residence of H.E. Sheikh Saeed bin Hamed Al Qasimi, both fully restored to display items of Islamic heritage and lifestyle.

Sharjah Science Museum

Whatever your age have fun discovering science with hands-on experiments and illusions, exploring colour, aerodynamics, cryogenics and physiology. Take part in electrifying demonstrations, probe the secrets of space and test your reactions and strength. Even toddlers can explore their curiosity about the world around us in their very own play area,

Sharjah Natural History Museum

A voyage of discovery from long before the age of dinosaurs to the present day is  displayed  within the Natural History Museum. One can encounter the formation of land, enjoy the beauty and diversity of fauna and flora, and understand the impact of man on our planet. Prehistoric and living creatures are brought to life in  interactive exhibits with films, dioramas, collections and games.

Sharjah Harjah Botanical Museum

This museum is located next door to the Sharjah Natural History Museum and unearth the amazing secrets of plant life and the dependence on them: f.rom the smallest to the tallest, the weirdest to the most wonderful.

Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Uncover the stories of Sharjah’s very early history brought alive in this informative museum. You can explore the changing environments experienced by theregion’s inhabitants from the Stone Age to present day through displays of artefacts, coins, jewellery, pottery and ancient weapons. Investigate a dig in progress, explore models of burials, houses and tombs and see the first forms of writing in this area.

Al Mahatta Museum

From man’s first attempts to fly to landing on the moon, investigate the history of flight and the development of aviation in this region. In 1932 the first airport in the Arabian Gulf opened in Sharjah. Four of the original propeller planes, fully restored, stand guard in the hangar alongside the airport’s original refueling tanker. Wander the galleries and experience first hand this fascinating period of Sharjah’s history.

Sharjah Discovery Centre

Filled with action and entertainment, this children’s centre is a great days outing for the whole family. Enter a colourful arena exploring the dynamics of water, the five senses, the art of travel and the mechanism of building and movement. Children can learn to drive in Drive Town, design their own building, climb a wall and become a star on television.


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