New Activity Monitor Shows How Much Calories You Burn In Real Time


Along with, the latest device by Omron is a brand new way to pursue your goals in fitness

One smart, but uncomplicated device is helping people to achieve their goals in fitness. This device is Omron’s latest fitness invention called the Activity Monitor (HJA-312). It shows the full amount of calories you have burnt during the day. Omron’s Activity Monitor follows all of your activities like household chores, walking and etc.

The device is very intuitive and it informs people of their daily fitness progress. In that way, the product makes users more motivated to they exercise. Along with the matching options offered at, clients will get more information about their fitness activity and the results from it.

The device was released quite recently at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Activity Monitor can follow and send data. In that way, users know more about their activity. That is possible when the device is connected to For that purpose, consumers will only need an NFC Communication Tray which comes separately from the product. Also, users have an option to share their achievements and progress with their family, friends, as well as healthcare professionals like doctors or dieticians.

Omron’s vice president, Ranndy Kellogg, said that, for years, the company’s goal has been to discover new solutions which can help people to achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals. He explained that Omron’s Activity Monitor is an intuitive device that has the aim to reveal people’s achievements and to motivate them to do more exercises. Kellogg added that the syncing options, offered at, will give users even more information about their fitness progress.

Follow You Day

Omron’s Activity Monitor has functions suitable for individuals at different levels of fitness preparation. Here are some of them:

  • Five Activity Modes – The device can track burnt calories, steps, pace, aerobic time and distance.
  • Compatibility – Via the NFC Communication Tray, consumers can closely follow their results and share them with the people they know. Also, users have an option to set personal fitness goals for themselves.
  • Weekly Tracker – This function allows you to set an amount of calories you want to burn in one week. Then it tells you how much time you would need to exercise to achieve that goal.
  • Workout Mode – With this mode, you can track training activity separately.
  • Personal trainer of TV star Oprah, Bob Greene, says that motivation can be something hard to maintain, especially when you are not aware of your daily achievements. Greene adds that this is what makes Omron’s Activity Monitor and its ability to connect to so important.

Bob Greene and Omron will be at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. They will promote the Activity Monitor device at booth number 26511, from January 8 – 11. Also, Bob Greene will do a book signing on January 8 at 11 a.m. PT in Omron’s booth.

Connect to

When you connect a product of Omron to, you will be able to transfer information and keep an eye on your achievements. They are shown at your personal dashboard which can be accessed through a laptop, PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The service will allow you to:

  • See information and tendencies from the day, week, month or even the year.
  • Win badges for various activities like setting goals, following statistics, connecting devices, improving personal fitness records.
  • Get tips from fitness coach Bob Greene that will boost your motivation.
  • Share achievements with family, friends and healthcare professionals (doctors, dieticians and etc.) through Facebook, Twitter or email.

Exercise Smarter

Omron offers an impressive variety of fitness products like heart rate monitors and pedometers. They are created to give you accurate information and help you accomplish new fitness goals. That can happen either by increasing your daily activity or spending extra time on the best heart rate zone.

Tri-Axis USB Pedometer – Omron’s newest pedometer has a Tri-Axis technology that uses 3D smart sensor technology. In that way it counts steps more accurately no matter whether they are horizontal, flat or vertical. The pedometer has four modes of activity. They can be used either for aerobic or regular activities. Also, it can save information from up to 7 days.

Continuous Heart Rate Monitors Without Straps – The strapless heart rate monitor of Omron will show continuous monitoring information on your wrist. You will no longer need to wear vexing devices strapped to your chest when you work out. In addition, Omron’s heart rate monitor give accurate reading. Also, it will tell you when you are in the perfect zone for an effective training.

To buy an Omron fitness product, simply go to Omron’s Fitness Store at Tri-Axis USB Pedometer. Here are some of Omron’s top-selling products:

Omron Continuous Strapless Heart Rate Monitor (HR-500U), $149.99
Omron Activity Monitor (HJA-312), $49.99
Omron USB Tri-Axis Pedometers (HJ-322U, HJ-323U), $44.99 & $49.99
Omron NFC Communication Tray (HHX-IT3-Z), $19.99