SKY 2.0 Nightlife Are Back For The Summer


SKY2.0 is back with a new look and is here to stay for the summer. The state-of-the-art structure has been upgraded to allow guests to enjoy the best nights every weekend, without worrying about the summer heat – all thanks to an engineering stunt.

The curved openings on the side of the structure have now been closed with custom-made rounded steel to seal the venue. AC capacity was also increased enough to sustain the summer heat, making the venue accessible throughout the year and not only in the Dubai-winter season.

SKY 2.0’s DJ line-up offers an unmatched nightlife experience every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Guests get to kick off the weekend with B.I.G THURSDAY, the urban locale that’s dripping in gold with the greatest HipHop, RnB & Afro Beats hits spinning. BOOMBOX, your feel-good Friday night, promises iconic hits re-mixed with a sensational experience of disco balls and neon lights.

Spun by the city’s biggest DJs, SIGNATURE SATURDAY is a special experience made for the wilder spirits of Dubai. An incredible silver star goes up in the heart of the venue with a musical adventure of HipHop, RnB, and House mashups.

Along with creative and classy beverages, SKY 2.0 offers the tastiest bites to fulfill your midnight cravings. The Asian menu brings in a wide assortment of starters, sushi rolls, and platters. From edamame to 50-piece sushi platters, SKY 2.0 has something for every appetite.


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