The Sustainable City launches The Sustainable Homes

The Sustainable City launches The Sustainable Homes
  • The collection of 51 short-stay homes allows everyone to experience sustainable living first hand inside The Sustainable City community 

The Sustainable City, the first fully operational sustainable community in the Middle East, has launched a collection of eco-friendly short-stay studio-apartments located within The Sustainable City, Dubai. These Homes allow visitors, residents and international tourists to experience sustainable living and enjoy Dubai with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The contemporary studio apartments were conceived with sustainability at the core. The building complex was designed using highly insulated materials and is powered by renewable energy from rooftop solar panels. To avoid Single-Use Plastics (SUP), the studio-apartments are supplied with filtered drinking water, and to facilitate waste recycling, the homes are equipped with two bins (recyclables and other waste). The Sustainable Homes are fitted with low flow fixtures, as well as water and energy efficient washing machines. Room cleaning services use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. To encourage sustainable practices, guests can monitor their water and energy consumption during their stay with an energy metering system, receiving a personal carbon footprint statement upon checkout.

The Sustainable City launches The Sustainable Homes

The Sustainable Homes guests will have access to the urban farm and animal sanctuary along the green spine inside The Sustainable City as well as running and cycling tracks. Guests can also access the roof of the building which has been converted into a green relaxation area.

The Sustainable City launches The Sustainable Homes

The Chief Sustainability Officer, Karim El-Jisr commented: “We are proud to announce the opening of The Sustainable Homes because it means that we can now welcome international visitors to our community and enable them to experience sustainable living first-hand. By infusing sustainability into the hospitality sector, we continue to spearhead the global movement towards sustainable living.”


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