Using Video to Spice Up Your Travel Instagram


Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, but, as a social media platform, it is far from a one-trick pony. Travel businesses, bloggers, and brands can now create many different types of content to engage their readers and influence their following. Because the engagement for videos is growing faster than the engagement for still images, you may want to explore the varied posts you can make to your travel Instagram account. While photo ads remain the most common on Instagram, 25 percent of Instagram ads are currently single videos and generally shorter ones. If you’re looking for ways to improve consumer engagement and spice up your travel Instagram, you might want to look at some of these suggestions.

Keep your video ads short.

Video ads can be up to 60 seconds long, but according to recent information, less than 20 percent of consumers, read articles or watch videos from start to finish. Drop off in engagement occurs quickly as the length of content, either written or visual, increases. It is important to grab your audience’s attention within the first 30 seconds in order to ensure that they will stick around and engage with your website or social media page. You will want to customize the length of each video for the social media platform and hold your audience’s attention by constantly cutting to new frames or animating the graphics. Use voice-overs, captions, and subtitles to ensure that the many viewers who watch without sound will acquire the video’s main takeaway. You can use video editing software online to make a meaningful video worth posting, even if it is a video clip of only a few seconds that captures moments behind the scenes, a work in progress, or a product used in an innovative way.

Go live intermittently.

When you go live on Instagram, you appear right at the front of the Stories feed, where more than 400 million people are viewing daily. As a default, Instagram will share your stream publicly and allow messages from anyone once you’ve tapped the “Start Live Video button.” Instagram notifies some of your followers that you’ve gone live, so hopefully, you will be broadcasting to others. You can use the viewer count to see how many people are currently watching, and you can even add a friend to Instagram Live. You don’t need a full-on script in order to cast live, but it is a good idea to have a plan in mind and learn a little about the extras available before you decide to go live on Instagram.

Create videos on location.

Posts with a location get 79 percent more engagement than posts without. Instagram has continued to expand its geotagging feature for a while now, so it’s important to consider the ways in which you can share what you see, as well as what you know. Google My Map allows followers to develop custom maps on places you showcase on your travel Instagram account. Using this allows your fans to pinpoint places of interest or flag restaurants, hotels, cafes, pharmacies, or relevant tourist spots they wish to visit. Google My Map can be used to highlight all of the places you have already traveled, allowing your followers to enjoy recommendations for their own travel itinerary.

Add a YouTube Channel.

Want to create another video option for your Instagram followers? Try posting your YouTube channel videos to your Instagram account. You can create a YouTube channel that features longer videos about places you’ve traveled, people you’ve met, and experiences you’ve had that can be shared on your Instagram account. Lengthier videos can be a powerful tool for interested consumers to see what you’re viewing when you travel to unknown destinations. As the second largest search engine available, adventurists can monetize their experiences. Videotape your ongoing exploration of the destination or a conducted interview with one of the locals. The more interesting and compelling your videography, the greater number of followers you will attract. YouTube subscriptions and memberships can help you make money, in addition to sharing your travel vlogs, interviews, or travel webinars.

Use social proof.

Developing an interesting e-travel account means you will need to travel. Posting regularly will make followers want to check out your social media sites more regularly and see where you are headed. People are less likely to stick with an influencer who posts incredible photos from a vacation once or twice a year than they are those people who make smaller, more frequent trips annually. Use the influence of others to market your travel account. Try a free Instagram followers trial to market your still photos and videography as you connect with others who are sharing content on your social media sites, as well as their own.

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