Digital Influencers Share Their Tough Selfie Truths


Nael Abou el Teen

Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, lush greenery, palm trees and waterfalls – Nael Abou el Teen’s Instagram page is the stuff of dreams. It’s clear why the hotel, restaurant and lifestyle influencer is edging towards nearly 765,000 followers. But while it may look life’s a beach, there’s some serious work and skill that goes into capturing each one of those moments in a photo.

Q. What goes into bringing these beautiful moments across the world to life through your pictures and selfies?

Travel inspires me the most and I love sharing that inspiration of different places, cultures and foods with others so they can experience it too. But behind every beautiful backdrop and swanky destination is a lot of attention to detail.

By this I don’t just mean composing the shot but rather playing to perfect every setting on my smartphone camera to tell the story of that moment. The most time goes into making sure I bring out the beauty of the views because otherwise they’ll just end up looking blurred or out of focus.

Yes, it’s amazing to be visiting all these stunning beaches for example. But just think about how much work goes in to differentiating each view of sand and water so you can actually truly feel the difference between say a beach in Santorini, a beach in the Dominican Republic and a beach in Dubai. You might think it’s just a selfie at a beach, but it’s so much more than that. Background is everything here, but I challenge people to snap a selfie in focus while also showing the clarity of the ocean in the background. I know I’d still struggle even though it may not seem like it from my pictures!

Q. What was different when using the HUAWEIs nova 3?

A. I just couldn’t believe the selfies and photos I was taking were actually from a phone.

I’ve never seen a background pop so perfectly while still allowing me to be in focus in the picture, without me adjusting a single setting or making any edits. I believe the fact that the nova 3 has two AI-powered front cameras that do all the work to enhance the beauty of both subject and background is something I’ve never seen on any device every before.

It’s the biggest challenge we face – and while it may not look like it thanks to years of learning to play with the settings but it’s always a compromise between enhancing your background or yourself in the photos, especially selfies. In my case, I’ve always got to choose the background over myself and employ all kinds of photography tricks because I can’t afford to lose the stunning views from the various resorts and destinations.

That the HUAWEI nova 3 automatically detects more than 200 scenarios and enhances the scene based on specific conditions is just going to forever change the way I take photos. This is huge because it leaves me more time to compose my story instead while enjoying the moment too. Huawei has really done the impossible and innovated to empower us with AI selfies! This is the future.


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