Digital Influencers Share Their Tough Selfie Truths


But what I love the most is that it’s not just like having my own professional photographer but also a professional makeup assistant that automatically adds beautification by making sure the light falls in just the right places to contour and conceal. The HUAWEI nova 3 is going to completely change everything for everyone on social media.

Dalia Hammoud

Blogger, video maker, producer and lip-sync artist dodo’s 230,000K followers on Instagram & 550,000 K on Snapchat followers loves her most for her bravery, creativity and the incredible confidence she exudes on camera. It may look all fun and easy, but her posts take tremendous work, she insists, especially those perfectly composed adventurous selfies.

Q. As a video maker, producer and lip-sync artist, how important is your smartphone camera in your typical work day and what’s the one thing you wish it could do for you that it doesn’t?

A. My phone is as important as it gets to my work. No matter who you are, to have good content on your page you absolutely need to have amazing visuals. So, whether it’s a video, a photo, a selfie or a powerful caption, you’re using your phone to produce it all. As a celeb, blogger, influencer, the quality of the images that you post are showcasing who you really are and why people should follow you.

But while it’s literally my office in my pocket for all the content I create, I do wish it could just be less manual and more dynamic when it comes to the overall process. It’s getting a bit old to have to manually set everything till you get the shot to look just right. I mean after all the selfies and photos we take with our devices, shouldn’t they just have learnt some tricks by now? Why do I have to adjust the same things every single time and keep retaking shots?

Thankfully I’ve just found a phone that isn’t just smart, it’s intelligent! I’ve only had it a few days but the HUAWEI nova 3 hasn’t just learnt my photography tricks, it came knowing some of its own too. The most important for me has been that it literally does all the work, so I can focus on the creative locations and ideas rather than waste time with setting up my smartphone camera. It’s even intelligent enough to recognize more than 200 scenarios across eight categories, including Blue Sky, Plant and Beach, and apply a unique set of optimizations for each scene to deliver professional looking shots.

Q. A lot of your content seem really natural and adventurous. How long does it take to put it all together?

It used to take hours sometimes, but now with the HUAWEI nova 3, I have to confess it takes far less time because the AI functionality has virtually eliminated a huge chunk of the editing process. And in fact, I can capture far more than I used to be able to. For example, if I’m out filming at a cool location and you know how there’s just that one moment we’ve got to take a selfie or a group selfie and then move on – usually that’s the toughest because it’s either something you have to edit so much or in case of a group someone’s always unhappy with how they end up looking or the light was just all wrong – but now that it’s the AI doing all the adjusting, all we have to do is compose and pose. And it’s practically a miracle that everyone looks glam in the pic thanks to the automatic beautification features.


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