Rules for Business Success – #1 What’s passion got to do with it?


“Build your business success around something that you love – something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you,” Martha Stewart

Passion is the first and most essential ingredient for planning and starting a business or any other worthwhile project. Without passion, work is just a chore and the cornerstone of businesses is simply about minimum standards. The customers – people who will benefit directly from your efforts – seem incidental.

If you love your work and you truly enjoy doing it, you will always feel energized in your daily routine. You will be imbued with enthusiasm and your senses will seem sharper. You would wake up with new ideas every day and with solutions to conquer the challenges that cropped up the day before. You will be always confident that goals are attainable, that creativity and ingenuity and hard work and passion will make “it” all come together.

Knowing your passion, working hard to keep it alive, enjoying it every minute of every day, even when you have hard times — these are the hallmarks of an entrepreneurial enterprise that you build and develop and maintain and evolve. Your energy will inspire others who may benefit and learn from it.

Life and business will become inextricably intertwined and you will feel the same passion for both. Your life will be your work and your work will become your life. Such approach to business will excite you every day to get to work and to focus on a new initiative.

Entrepreneurs who are equally passionate about their work and for their lives are truly inspiring. Whether they run their own business or they work for a large company, they are always positive and optimistic. They find a way to get the job done better, faster, and more energetically than those around them.

When work is based in passion, it does not feel like work, but is fulfilling and empowering. Doing business feels more like creating, building, devising, initiating, leading, and serving than about simply moving through one task and on to another.

Find your passion

You may already know your life’s calling. Perhaps you have envisioned yourself running your own fitness studio or designing a line of jewelry for so long it already seems real. Maybe you just need to find out how to get going, how to transform your dream into a business.



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