Fortune Global 500 Companies Recognise Importance of Emerging Markets


Oxford Business Group continues to attract leading global firms to its subscriber list

The latest edition of the Fortune Global 500 Index for 2018 confirms the ever-increasing role that emerging markets are playing as key drivers of global economic growth and their influence on top international firms.

Oxford Business Group (OBG), which has long served as a valuable point of reference for investors seeking comprehensive exploration of the global rise of emerging markets, once again saw increasing subscription numbers from the world’s biggest companies. Representatives from 354 firms, representing more than 70% of the companies listed on the index, are now using the international publishing, research and consultancy firm as a source of reference for their operations, up from 337, or 67% in 2017.

Of the top-10 companies appearing on the 2018 Fortune Global 500 Index, all hold subscriptions for the Report, up from eight in 2017, and OBG welcomes new subscribers the State Grid Corporation of China and US multinational Berkshire Hathaway.

As more emerging market multinationals go global, their participation on the Fortune 500 Index has seen remarkable growth. In 2017 it was estimated that nearly one-third of firms included on the list were from the top-20 emerging market counties in the world, three times the amount from just eight years ago, according to a report issued by Cornell University.

Marc-Andre de Blois, OBG’s director of PR and Video Content, said he was delighted that more leading players were looking to OBG’s research for comprehensive economic coverage. New subscriptions reflect OBG’s reputation as a trusted provider of investment insight on emerging markets around the world. This comes especially as, after years of emerging markets dominating the global growth story, they set a more cautious tone.

“As emerging markets enter bear market territory, Fortune 500 companies recognise the need for the top-notch global investment resources at the frontier of mapping global trends. Oxford Business Group’s analysis and understanding of these and other worldwide economic developments makes us instrumental in providing up-to-date news and analysis,” he said. “I’m thrilled that our reader base has now grown to include 354 of the companies on the Fortune Global 500 Index. I have no doubt sector leaders will continue to utilise the exclusive insight provided by the Report when making investment decisions.

The Fortune Global 500 Index is an annually-produced list of the world’s 500 largest corporations, ranked by revenue for the fiscal year ended on or before March 31. Its latest list was published on July 20.

OBG’s reports are a vital guide to the economies of the countries they cover, including macroeconomics, infrastructure, banking and other sectoral developments. Its readers include heads of state, CEOs, institutional investors, analysts and academics who are looking for macro information on emerging markets. The publications are available in print or online.


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