Abu Dhabi Launches E-Mortgage Services


HE Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) cum Chairman of the Technology Committee at the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, has signed on behalf of the three Municipalities in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and Al Dhafra Municipality) five agreements with four banks and one finance company. The agreements were related to the delivery of e-mortgage services through the smart digital services platform.

“This step is part of the Department’s digitalisation of all services with the aim of improving the services and enhancing the cooperative relationships with all strategic partners. The Department will continue upgrading its online services and opening communication channels with active entities such the banks and establishments concerned with supporting the performance of the real estate market. We are also focused on improving our services to keep pace with the expectations and highest satisfaction rating of customers, strategic partners and the community,” said Al Qubaisi.

“The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has taken the initiative of developing a digital system for registering the property mortgage known as e-Mortgage. Thus the UAE becomes one of the first countries to use this system in registering, amending and redeeming property mortgages.

“Among the key objectives of the said agreements is to boost the relationship between the Municipalities and banks with a view to streamlining procedures as well as the legal and administrative systems applied by both parties. Such cooperation will empower the real estate market and enhance its ability to carry out property mortgages through swift procedures that save the time of all parties and the hassles of attending to complete the process. The new system enables all parties to complete this process online with no routine procedures or papers involved,” explained Al Qubaisi.

Commenting on the agreements, Amro Al Manhali, Head of Islamic Banking, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, said, “We are proud to be part of this strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi City Municipality through which we will seek to cement our relationships with government entities offering services to community members. Thus it serves the public interest and bringing happiness to clients. The agreements avail us the chance to operate and use the e-mortgage system to deliver e-mortgaging services more effectively and efficiently. The service offering includes registering, revising and redeeming property mortgages to streamline the business of lands and real estate sector and support the sustainable development of this vital sector.”

Khamis Mohammed Buharoon Al Shamsi, Acting CEO of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, said, “The signing of this agreement with Abu Dhabi City Municipality is concurrent with our strategy aimed at boosting digital services and providing convenient transactions for all parties. This agreement is an important step towards easing customers transactions and offering more effective solutions that contribute to slashing the procedures and time of our customers. We are pleased to thank the Municipality for supporting this initiative, which contributes to improving the real estate sector of the Emirate.


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