Tips To Save Fuel While Driving in Dubai


Amid increasing number of cars in Dubai, and removal of fuel subsidization, the monthly fuel expense is going to increase in the future.  

If you are also looking out for ways to cut down on your spending on your car fuel, here’s a quick run-down of the simple steps that you can follow in your daily routine to save on the cost of petrol and diesel –

  1. Maintain the Optimum Speed

Everyone buys insurance in Dubai for their swanky cars, but only a few understand the importance of saving fuel for a pleasurable drive. If you are wondering why your car was feeding on extra fuel, you might have been driving it at a slow pace.

While driving slowly, low gears are used, which leads to more burning of the fuel in comparison to driving at a normal speed.  Contrary to the belief that slow driving reduces fuel consumption, it actually causes high fuel consumption. To increase the efficiency of your car, the recommended speed limit is 80 km per hour.

  1. Keep it Light

Did you know that for every 100 kg of weight, the total distance traveled gets reduced by 1.8 km? Discarding all the irrelevant stuff from the car can actually reduce your fuel consumption.

If you remove all the unnecessary stuff from your car, you can increase the distance covered. In other words, the efficiency of your car will increase.

  1. Tyre Pressure

Have you checked the pressure in your car tyres lately? Well, if you haven’t, it doesn’t sound that surprising. Most of the car owners or drivers tend to overlook it.

The rising temperature in your city can have adverse effects on the tyres of your car. It will be worth to take out ten minutes every fortnight to check the level of pressure.

If the pressure is less, your car engine will use more power to run the car, which implies extra fuel consumption. If the pressure is well-maintained, the car will use lesser fuel to run it and vice versa.

Important tip – If you want to save some fuel, check the pressure of your car’s tyres every fortnight. You can get it checked at the petrol pumps, in some cars, it is displayed on a sticker near the door jam.

The recommended pressure level is – 35 to 40 PSI.

  1. Accelerate smoothly

Driving at a constant speed and at high gears certainly reduce the fuel consumption of your car. Simply put, if you drive patiently, you might end up paying less on your fuel bills.

Any sudden gratification while overtaking a car can show up on your fuel bill. So, the next time you overtake a car for the sake of fun, make sure you think twice.

Sometimes, being old school and driving at a smooth pace can actually work in your favor.

  1. Turning off Your Engine

As you already know, keeping your engine on in a static car can lead to excessive fuel consumption. Remember to turn off your car engine in a non-moving car, especially if it is standing for more than a minute.

If your car is stuck in a traffic jam or parked for a longer duration, then turning off the engine will certainly reduce the fuel consumption.

  1. Avoid Traffic Jams

As you already know, every time you restart your car, it needs more fuel for ignition. Taking your car out on the city roads in scorching heat during rush hours ridiculously reduces its fuel efficiency.

If possible, avoid taking your car out during the rush hours – it will save you from using much of accelerator and brakes. If you have flexible working hours, then this can be the best option. Moreover, it will certainly increase the efficiency of your car.

  1. Check Your Car Regularly

Buying a car could be easy, but maintaining it might not be a cakewalk for everyone. Buying insurance in Dubai for your car is a smart decision, but your responsibility doesn’t end here. It is important to maintain your car in a good condition regularly by checking the fuel level, coolant, engine oil, and most importantly, send your car for regular servicing.

Most luxury and sports cars in Dubai have an automatic fuel range meter, which showcases your car’s efficiency and even updates about the number of kilometers you can further run it.

  1. Try Car Pooling

As they say, Sharing is caring! You can save a lot of fuel by carpooling to work. If 4 people can go in one car and save fuel, why go for 4 different cars. It is the most sensible way to save the fuel.

Try this at least once a week and enjoy the fuel savings that you make!

Summing it up!

If you really want to save on the fuel, then practicing the aforementioned steps will noticeably reduce the fuel consumption of your car. Try it out; you will actually see the difference within a month.


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