Popular Kindle Books Under $2 Each


During the holiday season, Amazon has marked down a large number of Kindle books under $2 each. You can find ebooks from different genres, suitable for a wide range of readers. And if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you will be able even to borrow reads for free. In addition, during the holiday season only, with a 30-days free trial of Audible here you can get two audiobooks absolutely free of charge. So, happy reading and listening!

Here are a few handpicked Kindle books under $2 worth buying:

51coeinviglBeyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Miscavige Hill – A Bestseller on Amazon, the book is a collection of first-hand impressions from the circle of top management of the church of scientology. In an unprecedented and convincing manner raises the curtain and reveals mysteriousness, which surrounds this religion – subject of fierce debate and speculation around the world. Jenna sheds light on some of the most disturbing questions about the church – its controversial practice of dissolution of marriages, the practice of exploiting child labor and questionable ways of collecting funds.

51l0b3evhplThe Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkien – The book is something like meeting with close native person you never expected to see. Readers enjoying fabulous fiction have read from cover to cover “The Hobbit” and ” Lord of the rings “. “The Children of Húrin” is a Tolkien`s son great gift for them. He has not spared an effort to comply from his father’s unfinished stories a separate literary work about the sad history of Turin and Nienor. This story is so great in itself, that it is impossible not to sympathize with the characters over which weighs the curse of Morgoth.

d1oilsfeyts-_sl250_fmpng_Hard Road by J.B. Turner – An excellent thriller, stretching from Maine to Florida, and marking stops in between. The main character Jon Reznick is a former Ranger from Delta Force, now working on contracts for murders, given to him mainly by the government. It`s a heartless development of the action in the book. From the moment Reznick discovered that the man who he was sent to kill is not the target, the tension begins to grow and does not leave the reader to the very end.

51eew4tj25lForgotten Women by Freda Lightfoot is a strong book where three women full of patriotism, idealism, love and revenge, dare to go into battle against tradition and oppression. The year is 1936 and the civil war has captured Spain and men have to go across all Europe in search of liberty. All women – mothers, sisters and lovers get left behind. But the most of them are not pleased with the situation. What will happen?

Each of these books reveals a compelling story worth reading it. The books are captivating and soul touching, they reveal different world’s challenges and dilemmas.

Life really seems more meaningful with a new ebook on your Kindle device and some free time to read it.


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