Best Educational Toys for Preschoolers


If your kid is at preschool age – not old enough to be bombarded with books and not too young to return to baby rattles – perhaps its time to research the best educational toys for preschoolers. Having productive fun with an easy is very important at this age and there are plenty of toys and games to satisfy kids curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Of course you can head to Amason’s Toys Section to explore a large variety of educational toys for preschoolers, but here we have put together a guideline on what to look for so you don’t get confused.

Play Dough

dough-695826_1280It’s well known that motor skills are essential to learn in young age. Being very malleable, play dough (a large selection here) enables kids to use more thumb, finger and wrist movements. It evolves strength in their hand muscles and prepares them for holding scissors and pencils at school later on. Also, play dough doesn’t have a definite purpose and hence there are countless of ways a child can play with it. For example, your little girl can use it to prepare cupcakes and sweets for her birthday party role-play and make dresses for her dolls. If you have a boy, your son can use play dough to make little cars of different colors. This way play dough unleashes your child’s imagination and creativity and enables him or her to make any shapes they want to!

Building Blocks

building-blocks-1563961_1280Every child has dreamt of building their own castle or fortress. What can be the best helper to materialize their dreams if not some of the building blocks you can find here? These toys are very useful for developing motor skills. Since there are lots of parts of different sizes, a kid should use its imagination to visualize his creation and his hands to actually make it happen. While constructing something, a youngster will also learn the basic conditions for balance and stability. Through trial-and-improvement, a child will eventually succeed in building something large and feel proud for his first achievement. Also, building blocks are very bright and colourful and engage in an imaginative play.

Portable Drawing and Writting Board

This electronic toy will be the first step to your child’s artistic development. Usually lots of parents, especially pre-schooler’s parents, are so concerned about the early mathematical development of their children that they forget that creativity is very important too. Playing an important role in left-hemisphere of our brains, drawing unleashes your child’s creativity and imagination. If your child doesn’t know what to draw, you can always help him or her out by using the different shaped stamps attached on the side of the board. This portable drawing and writing board doesn’t only make drawing fun, but it also saves lots of paper. You don’t need to waste your money to buy a piles of paper for your child scribbles. You can just simply erase it using the sliding the blue button backwards and forwards.

Wooden Flap Abacus

This toy never gets old. Nowadays there are dozens of variations of this toy; but the best one is definitely the one that has it all. This toy doesn’t only have the little colourful balls to roll from one side to another, but it also has cubes that you can turn over and over to do different mathematical calculations. Obviously, your child will not be able to learn complicated calculations like division but it can be a good start for your child’s preparation for school. This amazing toy will also help your child learn alphabet in the most creative way. Having two rows of flipping cubes, where one row is the letter and another is a word starting with the same letter, your child can learn alphabet by associating those things with each other. This way your child will definitely remember the boring letters! Being almost too perfect, this toy has also a clock. You can put the arrows in different places and get whatever the time you want. This way you will always know how to engage your child in an educational play.

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

This is probably the best electronic toy you can get. It’s fun and musical and explores colours, shapes and manners. It’s the most interactive toy as it has more than 30 audio responses to engage your child in an educational play! It also helps developing hearing skills as it plays the most popular rhymes and sings very catchy tunes. If you will find the toy repeating the same rhyme, you can always switch it to a song or a tune using the orange slide button. Being very handy, you can also regulate its sound’s volume. So, if you think that this tune is way too loud, you can lower the volume and your toddler will never figure it out how to put it back on. What an efficient toy!

*By Lucy Multairova, Junior Writer


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