10 Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You


With the ongoing fight against obesity and the widespread obsession over health and fitness on the Internet, many people choose pay a personal trainer to help them out with the formidable task of getting fit and thin. We all see how celebrities beautifully transform in the hands of famous fitness gurus, but it’s not always so successful and fabulous. In fact, there are many things you should consider before hiring a specialist.

Here are 10 things your personal trainer won’t tell you.

You don’t actually need me

Most people decide to hire a personal trainer not because they don’t know what to do or how to do it, but because they need someone to motivate them. Indeed, the lack of motivation is the reason why most people who join a gym in January as part of their New Year resolutions, quit in February or March. However, instead of working with a trainer twice a week, which isn’t effective, people should try make changes in their diet and lifestyle on their own. Getting fit and healthy can’t be done in few months, no matter how good the fitness trainer is – it’s a matter of long-term dedication, resolution, and a way of lifestyle.

My certificate doesn’t mean anything

There are no criteria for assessing fitness trainers; there’s no way of telling who is good and who’s not. And there are a myriad of organizations that issue certificates. So, pretty much anyone can get a document that says they are professionals. In order to make sure your personal trainer knows exactly what he is doing is if has a certificate from an educational institution.

I’m a celebrity trainer, but it doesn’t mean I’ll turn you into Jessica Biel or Hugh Jackman

Celebrity trainers are extremely expensive and they will probably leave your training to some of their colleagues or employees, as most of them have created huge businesses. And don’t forget that every trainer has his own style and strategy, so what worked for Madonna, may not be as beneficial for you. After all, celebs have personal dietitian and cooks, and they can actually afford all the “superfoods” trainers recommend.

It’s much more expensive than you think

Most people think they can pay the trainer for several weeks and then continue on their own. But if you are doing this for the first time in your life, you will need several months of advice and professional help. Why? Mostly because you won’t know how to create and change your workout routine in accordance with what your body needs. Knowledge comes with time and time is money – for the best results you will need to use a personal trainer for three to five or six months. Add the gym subscription fee and there you have a much larger sum than you’ve expected.

I may not be right for you

Interestingly, some people are motivated to work out by a strict and screaming trainer, while others need more support and understanding. However, trainers have their own style, which means not every professional will be able to help you. The best trainer is the one that gives you pain and get you excited about every training session at the same time. The best trainer will make you love exercise, which is the only guarantee that you will continue to go to the gym. However, you should know that first couple of months will be hell.

You don’t have to be in shape to hire me

Many people feel too embarrassed to show up in the gym without losing weight or prepping with some exercise. But it doesn’t matter if you are obese. In fact, if you are trained, the professional you pay won’t have a lot to work with. After all, it’s the trainer’s job to teach you and get you in shape.

Don’t expect muscles in the first several months

Building up muscle is individual, but don’t think that your first sessions with the trainer will be real workouts. In fact, they shouldn’t be training at all. The trainer must first assess your condition – medical history, physical limitation, body fat measurement, muscle imbalances, flexibility, instability, problems with the bones and joints, and so on. This basic knowledge will allow him to create the proper fitness plan tailored to your personal needs. The first sessions will also teach you how to make every single exercise, how to stretch and massage the muscles. You will also need knowledge related to your diet, rest, and various other habits.

I look great because I use steroids

It may sound incredible to you, but there are still many trainers who use steroids and growth hormones, especially if they are focused on bodybuilding. These are perfectly legal when prescribed by a doctor, but it doesn’t mean they are safe. Trainers have contracts with supplement dealers and makers, so don’t be surprised if your trainer recommends that you use this pill or that protein shake. If you notice steroids are linked however, stay away from this trainer.

I’m not richer than you are

Trainers may seem to have a great profession – easy, without huge responsibilities and for a lot of money, but it’s only a myth. In fact, most of the money you are paying go to the gym your trainer works at. Very few of them are self-employed and those who are have a lot of additional costs. So, if you wonder why your personal trainer doesn’t look overwhelmingly happy and motivated to work with you, it’s because he isn’t.

Fire me if you are not happy

Working with a trainer always requires personal communication. If you can’t create a good and healthy relationship with the person who tells you what to do and what to eat, then it’s just not going to work. So, if you feel unsatisfied with the results or the trainer, just fire him, without hesitations. There will be another one, or you can do it by yourself!


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