5 Shopping Hacks Retailers Won’t Tell You


Retailers can be very creative when it comes to luring consumers into spending more money in their store, let alone online  shopping as for example Amazon’s Prime Day. They rely on various tricks to make you want to spend more or to even overlook discounts. That is even more true when it comes to shopping mall retailers. If, however, you known their secrets, you will be able to turn them into useful shopping hacks.

Products Near the Registers are Pricier Than You Think

The items placed around the registers are known as add-ons. Those can be sunglasses, belts, jewelry, fragrances and etc. Upon seeing them, many consumers decide to add them to their main purchase. What they do not know, however, is that they tend to be the most overpriced products in the store.

Shopping hack to learn – Avoid buying add-ons, if you want to stay within your budget.

Clearance Products are Hard to Find

Retailers intentionally put their clearance sections at the very back of the store. In that way, they are harder to spot. As a result, by the time shoppers actually find the clearance racks, they have already found a number of other items they have decided to get. If you are looking for bargains online check the Open Box section here.

Shopping hack to learn – Start your shopping from the very back of the store.

Discounted Products are Not Displayed Neatly

Have you noticed that when a product is discounted, it is usually thrown in a pool of other promo items forcing you spend a lot of time digging through the pile in an attempt to find something worth buying. Also, clearance items often look very dusty or even dirty. Retailers like to leave their clearance sector look like a complete mess. In that way, they hope to push consumers away from discounted product and encourage them to spend money on more expensive items.

Shopping hack to learn – Do not judge a product by its cover or by the mess by which it is surrounded. You may be looking at a hidden gem.

Expensive Items are on the Right

Scientists have found that right-handed people naturally turn right when they first enter a new place. For lefties, the direction is left. Many stores like to use this discovery to their advantage. Since most people are right-handed, retailers like to display their priciest products on the right side of their shop. In addition to that, they also make these areas more colourful, brighter and they even play the music a bit louder there.

Shopping hack to learn – When you enter a store, head left… even if you are left-handed.

Last, but not least, if you want to save money, avoid taking a cart with you and stick to the basket. Researches show that most people did not head to the register until they fill up their cart. Therefore, if you replace the cart with a basket, you will place fewer things in it. Also, avoid going shopping with a big group of friends, since you will feel more encouraged to spend.


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