A Free Ramadan Workshop To Promote Cultural Awareness


A recent survey by 999 Magazine reported 72% of individuals polled had very little knowledge, and over 25% have never or hardly tried learning more about the local culture. However, 70% of respondents admitted that they have easy access to resources to improve their cultural awareness. Another survey conducted by YouGov reported that 71% of respondents agreed that knowledge of the UAE’s culture and traditions should be a requirement for expats wanting to live in the country.

As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, knowledge of local culture, traditions and etiquette is essential for anyone residing or visiting the UAE. Eton Institute, a leading international language and professional development training provider, is promoting local cultural awareness by hosting a free Ramadan Etiquette workshop. This 2-hour session will teach courteous behaviour and helpful Arabic expressions that make up the common etiquette towards those observing the Holy Month of Ramadan.

“We are excited to offer our free Ramadan Etiquette workshop again. Last year, the number of attendees was phenomenal – a wonderful response from the community that is eager to enrich their cultural knowledge and get to learn more aboutRamadan,” commented Manon Hazell, Marketing Manager at Eton Institute.

“With the increasing number of people from around the world choosing to live and work in the UAE, there is a bigger responsibility for them to be familiar with the culture and traditions as a gesture of respect towards the local population. In the workshop, attendees will understand that Ramadan is more than just an act of refraining from eating and drinking. It is about demonstrating the most admired virtues and showing respect for a country that so generously welcomed individuals from around the world,” she added.


Eton Institute’s Ramadan App is available for those who are always on the go but still interested to learn useful information, as well as for individuals observing Ramadan. The app includes daily prayer and Iftar timings, mosque locator, cultural tips,Ramadan-related phrases and more. In addition to these, Eton Institute’s Free Introductory Arabic Course is ongoing as part of the line-up of CSR activities.

The Free Ramadan Etiquette Workshop will take place on Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Conference Room 3, Block 1, Dubai Knowledge Park. Abu Dhabi residents can attend the workshop at Eton Institute, twofour54 Building, Park Rotana Complex. To register for the workshop, visit http://middleeast.etoninstitute.com/event/expand-cultural-knowledge-free-ramadan-etiquette-workshop.


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