The Future of Shopping


With the advancement of technology into our everyday lives, more shoppers are turning to online stores and services. But physical retailers will not vanish, they will just need to adapt and evolve into something more attractive, fun and modern. In fact, the change is already happening – what was considered a futuristic idea 15 years ago, is now a reality. So, let’s take a peek into the future of shopping, because it’s closer than you think.

Some retailers have already stepped into the future by adopting a new idea of shopping – experiencing products and services in store, while purchasing online. In order to compete with their entirely online rivals, some stores will focus more on experiences and less on selling products. For, example, Apple has made this step and is seeing the benefits of it. Physical shopping will merge with technology and will offer customers more interesting experiences. Think holograms in dressing rooms that will allow you to try on clothes without having to get undressed, or interactive mirrors that will show you how the makeup will look on you in advance. You’ll be able to order a customized coffee cup, created especially for you, using 3-D printers in stores. But that’s not all, the near future of shopping is really exciting and it is already arriving.

More services

Stores will be more about services such as beauty services or day care, while services that combine off- and online shopping will be even more popular. For example, customers will order online and pick up their purchase in store, which is already happening at some retailers. Self-service, including even checkout will be on the rise, as well. Right now, a Seattle-located store, called Hointer, displays only one piece of each model, while customers select the size and colour on their smartphones. Once you choose an item, it’s already waiting for you at the dressing room. You keep the item at your online shopping cart and you purchase it automatically, once you leave the store.

On-demand coupons

Some retailers are now testing Bluetooth-enabled devices which connect to your smartphoneand offer you coupons and discounts, based on your previous purchases. These devices, or beacons, will direct you to a product and will also let you pay online. Instead of launching macro-level promotions, stores will offer individually customized promotions to get the customers exactly what they need.

3-D printing

3-D printers are already here and you can buy nearly everything created with this technology. However, it is still quite expensive and considered a luxury. But in a decade or two, 3-D printing will become much more accessible, which in fact, will change the core structure of retail, according to industry watchers. For example, instead of producing coffee cups in China and then transporting them thousands miles away, you will simply 3-D print your own cups at your store or even at home.

Automatic orders

Smart houses are one of the current big things for a number of companies. And your smart house will “sense” when to order all kinds of household supplies. For instance, your washing machine will order detergent before it runs out. Think Amazon Dash which is already in use in many households in the United States.


Holograms will be very convenient for apparel stores. Microsoft started shipping HoloLens development kits on March 30th. Instead of trying on a piece of clothing, the store will scan you and create a hologram, which can be dressed in whatever size or colour you like. Virtual dressing rooms at online stores will use this technology, too. In fact, holograms were already used – a Virtual Style Pod, created by British digital agency Engage, scanned shoppers and clothing from luxury brands such as DKNY and Alexander McQueen were projected together with their holograms. Shopping centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where the Pod was displayed, entered the future.

Some of these technologies may seem futuristic right now, but in a few years, they will be a fact. Online shopping is no doubt very big, but physical shopping will still remain – it will be modern, fun and really, really exciting.


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