Economic Slowdown and Your Career: Strategies to Keep Afloat


Know Your Market (and Get a Crystal Ball)

A number of easily accessible tools can point you to both current and predicted trends in the market for specific types of jobs and the likelihood that these will remain in demand in the future. You should follow up sources of frequently updated information on where the jobs-and the money-are in large and small industries. You should find out what areas of specialization are hot, what areas are likely to cool, and the reasons why.

Statistics are not the only source of useful information on promising employment opportunities. You can call the HR departments of most large corporations and find someone more than willing to talk to you about what types of positions they most want to fill now and in the future. Organizations that represent your professions have information to help you identify new and unexpected opportunities.

Take this information into account when you’re “branding” yourself. Talk up those areas of your experience that you know are in demand, even if these are not obvious elements of the jobs you’re applying for. Look for those industries that you know are slated to experience growth and expansion. Consider getting supplementary training that will put you in the forefront for the best jobs in your field.

Knowledge really is power in job searching. Getting the strategic “lay of the land” is important whether you’re considering a career change, looking for work after a layoff, or are starting off with a new diploma. You will be able to plan for future security and go directly to the jobs with the most possibilities for expansion and growth.


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