What Tasks to Outsource in Small Business


Time and budget is a prized commodity when it comes to managing small business and outsourcing may be the best way to stay productive, cut the costs and reduce the potential risks. Rather than trying to do everything by themselves, small business owners can find assistance and let freelancers free them from everyday tasks to focus on generating income.

Determining what to outsource depends on you and your type of small business, and is crucial to your future growth. In this article, you will find the most common activities entrepreneurs usually outsource in small business.

Successful entrepreneurs start outsourcing some of their business tasks from the very beginning. The sooner you start delegating, the sooner you will increase your company’s revenue. The trick is choosing which activities to outsource and today, almost any task can be outsourced. Instead of using contractors and freelancers to carry all the workload, businesses owners should identify their core competencies and capabilities and focus on them. All other aspects of the work can be delegated to qualified professionals. For instance, if you are starting a creative design firm, you should consider outsourcing payroll services, IT, and so on. We can easily divide the tasks that are best outsourced into three categories:

Highly Skilled Expertise

Highly Skilled Expertise
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Accounting and bookkeeping - Many small businesses use in-house accountants, but this kind of work is easily outsourced, no matter what industry or sphere of business you operate in. From simple accounts payable and receivable tracking, to billing system maintenance and collections, a well-educated and experienced freelancer can do it all.

Market research and lead generation – Research plays a major role in corporate growth, as comprehensive and in-depth market and industry research will provide you with essential insights for your strategy. You will need highly specialized and experienced employees for this job and currently you can find plenty of freelancers and even specialized companies, which offer this kind of service.

Translation – Working with international business partners or clients will require translating materials from one language to another, but hiring a professional translational company will be expensive. Using a freelance translator is efficient and cost-effective.

IT – It’s a technology world, so if you want your business to be successful, safe from cybercrime, and current, you will need an IT expert. Instead of hiring an expert full time, you should use a freelancer – IT jobs are very well-paid, yet employees can sit without work for hours.


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