Bvlgari Resort and Residences – Project Overview


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Bvlgari, one of the world’s most recognized luxury brands, will lend its name to a new hotel in Dubai. Even though the Bvlgari Resort and Residences is yet to be completed, it is already viewed as a lucrative investment opportunity by investors looking for high returns.

It is expected that over the next few years, the demand for high-end property and luxurious holiday accommodations in Dubai will further increase. As a result, developments like Bvlgari Resort and Residences is predicted to enjoy greater interest from investors. At present, a very few hotels and hotel-managed residences are offering opportunities to actually purchase a room, an apartment or suite. To find out more about it please email here or call +971 56 6849810.


Bvlgari will strengthen its brand popularization with the opening of 20 other hotels and resort in different parts of the world by 2022. Despite that, Silvio Ursini, the company’s executive vice-presidents, stated that Bvlgari does not plan to launch other hotels in the United Arab Emirates or the Gulf region. This means that the resort in Dubai will be the only Bvlgari-branded hospitality project over the next decade and beyond that. And this fact makes is an exclusive investment opportunity.


The fact that Bvlgari is a luxury brand recognized and advertised worldwide will only add to the value of this project. Although best known for its perfumes and jewellery, the company has already established itself as a global leader in the luxury hospitality market. Bvlgari has resorts situated in the most prestigious areas of some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. The brand’s hospitality project stand out with a timeless glamour. Back in 2004, Bvlgari opened its first hotel and just a little over a decade later, its resorts in Bali, Milan and London are gaining popularity.

Dubai’s Bvlgari Resort and Residences will benefit from an exclusive location on Jumeirah Bay Island location. The island has the shape of a titanic seahorse and it is set off the coast Jumeirah Beach road wich is long known as the most prestigious neighbourhood in Dubai. Also, it is designed by the famous Italy-based architectural company Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners.


The Bvlgari Resort will stretch over 1.7 million square foot of land and it will consist of 20 luxurious villas and 100 rooms and suites. There will also be a full range of luxury amenities, among which will be Bvlgari’s trademark spa and restaurant.


The Bvlgari Residences will feature 173 apartments and 15 mansions that will impress with their breathtaking views. The apartments will vary from one- to three-bedroom units and they will also be four-bedroom penthouses. The mansions in the Bvlgari Residences, on the other hand, will range from three- to six-bedroom options. The entire development will be characterized with a glamorous, elegant, yet quite modern design and spacious interiors. Residents will have access to a la carte menu of services that will include anything from florists to mobile beauticians and sommeliers.


The Bvlgari and Resorts development in Dubai is scheduled for completion in 2017. It will be the fifth such Bulgari hospitality project. Along with it, the famous brand will also open hotels in Shanghai and Beijing.

The Bvlgari development in Dubai is one of these investment opportunities that are available to a limited number of investors and for a limited time only. The combination of world-known brand, flourishing market niche, top-of-the-market services and regional exclusiveness, makes hotel managed property investments very promising due to guaranteed high returns.



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