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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This famous quote by Confucius captures the importance of selecting a career path in a field for which one has a great passion. This suggests that the world’s happiest job can be different for everyone. However, there is a number of factors that also play a role and they count for all of us. Those include factors like growth opportunities, employer, colleagues, company culture, daily tasks, as well as rewards and support that a particular job offers. A new study ranks the happiest jobs in 2015 by taking into consideration all of these factors.

laptops-for-all-teachersLife is interesting! When people are young, they hate the thought of going to school. However, when they grow up, school seems to make them happy. At least this is what a CareerBliss’ research shows. According to it, the happiest career this year is that of a school principal. The explanation for this is that working as a school principal can be very rewarding because it allows one to learn new things every day and help others. Even more rewarding is the experience of working with children and encouraging them to succeed.

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Similar is the conclusion of another recent survey on career and happiness done by the Guardian. It has also discovered that being a teacher is among the happiest professions today. Again, the work with kids was one of the key factors that made this job so great.

If working in a school environment is not really your thing, you may consider becoming an executive chef. However, to work as one, you will need to have not only great culinary experience, but also a strong passion for cookMADRIDpic4ing.

Surprisingly, the rest of the happiest jobs list look rather dull. Who would have thought that a career as a loan officer (3) or database administrator (6) could ever find a place among 2015’s happiest jobs. A dolphin trainer or a chocolate taster might seem like a more obvious choice here, yet there are nowhere to be seen. However, it turns out that working as loan officer or a software engineer, for instance, can offer a more dynamic experience. In addition, it gives greater opportunities for career growth as opposed to being a chocolate taster, for example.

Dullness, routine and lack of development, on the other hand, are dominating the list of the world’s unhappiest jobs in 2015. This unflattering ranking is topped by security guards. It seems that staring into security camera footage all day long is anything but fun. Merchandisers, salespeople, dispathers and retail clerks are also to be avoided for the sake of one’s happiness.

So, if you are looking for a happier career path, start by going through the list of this year’s happiest jobs:

  • School principal Woman Online Degree
  • Executive chef
  • Loan officer
  • Automation engineer
  • Research assistant
  • Database administrator
  • Website administrator
  • Business development executive
  • Software engineer
  • Systems developer
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