5 Expo 2020 Small Business Opportunities


There is much excitement for Expo 2020 Dubai among government officials, property developers, hoteliers, and many other business professionals and executives. Despite the massive funding it requires, the World Expo 2020 will represent a huge boost for the local economy, providing plenty of opportunities for both huge corporations and small businesses. Here are five small business opportunities that promise success for everyone with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

Tailor-made travel packages

One of the sectors that will benefit hugely from the event is of course the travel industry, as organizers expect Expo 2020  to attract 25 million visitors over its six-month period. And 17 million of these people are expected to come from overseas – a great opportunity for travel agents and companies in the industry. They can come up with special tailor-made travel packages that will appeal to tourists who will come to Dubai not only because of the beaches and shopping malls, but also to visit the expo and explore all the new attractions, planned in the city. Along with special Expo 2020 packages, travel agents can also offer family packages that will feature visits to new amusement parks, namely Dubai Parks and Resorts. The project will include Legoland Dubai, Riverland, the Polynesian-themed hotel Lapita, and Motiongate Dubai – a park, dedicated to all movie lovers.

Business office on the go in the Dubai Metro stations

Dubai announced expansion of the Metro network and by 2020, it will reach most parts of the city. Easy public  transport becomes more and more popular among people, because it’s fast, convenient and affordable, so it’s a great idea opening a business in the Metro stations. The Metro stations will provide large footfall, while establishing a services office such as Kinko’s photocopying offices or Minutes minor repairs will attract various regular customers. For instance, your business can deal with printing documents, business cards, flyers, presentations, offer internet access, packing and ship services, fax services, and of course, selling office supplies. One of the biggest advantages of such business is that your customers will be not only individuals, but small and medium-sized enterprises and even students.



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