5 Expo 2020 Small Business Opportunities


Dubai Expo 2020 merchandise

Expo 2020 is gaining popularity in Dubai and the region, so dedicated merchandise will sell like hot cakes. This comes in a wide range of products – from T-shirts and coffee mugs, to calendars, pencils and even school bags. It’s a great opportunity whether you have a souvenir store or an online shop, or you are in the marketing business. Software developers can also come up with mobile apps – games or apps that show you the best hotels in closest proximity to the expo, event guides, and so on.

Advertising and building Dubai and Expo 2020 brand awareness

Dubai authorities are now popularizing Expo 2020 with different advertising and marketing campaigns. Companies and freelance professionals in the media and advertising industry can benefit by taking part in some of these initiatives, which are not only government-backed, but others are also started by developers, tourist and hospitality businesses, and so on. From creating ad videos and articles, to promotional posters, banners, and even social media marketing – companies can work on multiple platforms and in different languages.

Smart technologies and “green” strategies

One of the biggest initiatives – not only in preparation for Expo 2020, but beyond the event – is Dubai Smart City, which is a strategy, aiming at transforming Dubai into a really “smart” and innovative city. More than a thousand government services will go “smart” in the next three years, allowing residents and visitors seamless access to them. This provides a wide array of opportunities for technology companies, developers, web designers, QAs, support and administration experts, and many others. In addition to the smart strategies, Dubai is also pushing “green” and sustainable lifestyle and development. A lot of companies and startups in different sectors can benefit – manufacturers and sellers of solar panels, “green” cement retailers, and everything, related to recycling, green energy, insulation, electric cars, and so on.

There are plenty of other business ideas that promise growth and success in the coming several years for all kinds of startups, but timing is essential. So, in order to get advantage on the upcoming opportunities related to World Expo 2020, entrepreneurs in Dubai should watch closely the different projects and initiatives that are launching every day in the emirate.



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