How to Look Fabulous Without Being a Millionaire


There’s always an occasion or two when we are supposed to look flawless in order to blend in. Whether we are attending a business dinner with the boss, a charity event, or simply a wedding, sometimes we all wish we had a little bit more glamour or at least a pair of designer shoes. But image experts say you can look fabulous even without being a millionaire or a Hollywood star if you follow several rules.

Appearance is very important as it impacts the first expressions when you meet someone for the first time. And in some professional spheres, appearance is crucial to your success as it changes the way you can present yourself. Sadly, it’s always linked to financial capabilities, right? According to image consultants we can actually look good without having a lot of money. You can appear powerful and confident if you stick to the right strategies.

Buy selectively instead of purchasing a ton of regular clothes

Who doesn’t love clothes shopping? But you’ll have to restrain your mania and check only boutiques and shop smart. Everyone should have at least one good suit – or at least one good jacket with matching skirt or pants. But this is the minimum. It’s hard to buy only expensive clothes, but try to focus on quality and stick to the one-third rule. It says to cut your spending to only one-third of your current spending for clothes. However, for each piece, spend three times as much.

Attention to detail

Your professional image extends way beyond your good suit. Your hair, accessories, shoes, even your iPhone case – everything must be perfect.

Casual doesn’t mean sloppy

Are you invited to an afternoon tea? Or it’s Friday and you want to go to the office in something less formal. Forget about sloppy styles, everyday jeans, sneakers or sandals. If you can’t imagine the millionaire’s casual style, just think of some top politician such as Obama. He looks sharp even when he’s walking the dog.

Perfume: Less is more

This is a basic styling rule, but a surprisingly large number of people seem to ignore it. No matter how amazing your perfume or cologne is, you shouldn’t smell from five feet away. The more neutral the fragrance, the better.

Dress to appear taller

There’s a theory that says powerful and affluent people are taller and your chances of becoming one are greater if you are taller yourself. It’s based on the notion that we subconsciously associate height with authority. There are ways to create an illusion of height with clothes – go for more  form-fitting clothes, tighter, simpler designs, monochromatic outfits and always vertical instead of horizontal stripes.

Healthy lifestyle for successful appearance

Millionaires always look their best, so try to sleep as much as you can. This will give you healthy-looking, radiant skin and fresh, energetic appearance. Try to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. These aren’t so expensive, but contribute largely to better looks.


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