2015’s Top-Paid Jobs Stray Away from Technology



The technology sector continue to be one of the largest job providers today. Tech-related jobs are still among the most in-demand jobs. Some of them, like mobile app developers and data architects are even ranked among the jobs that are most likely to get a raise. However, fortunes seem to be taking a new turn as a new list unveils that the best-paid jobs in 2015 will no longer be those in the technology sector.

A new study ranks the 25 top paying jobs in demand. This means that these are jobs that are not just well paid, but there are also vacancies. The majority of them require a high level of education, years of experience, as well as excellent skills in the field. As a result, nearly half of the jobs featured in this list are for manager positions, like Human Resources Manager, Tax Manager, IT Manager, Product Manager and etc. While that may not be particularly surprising, the fact that healthcare job positions have overtaken technology jobs is something new.

Physician and Pharmacy Manager are the two highest paying in demand jobs for 2015. Physician positions now offer an average base salary of $212,270 are almost four times more in-demand compared to Software Development Managers. The base salary of Pharmacy Managers, on the other hand, is nearly $40,000 higher than that of Software Engineers that were trendy until recently.

Further down the ranking are a few more healthcare jobs. Pharmacists and Physician Assistants are out the top 10, but they are each better-paid than both Software Engineers and Computer Hardware Engineers.

Top highest paying jobs in demand in 2015:

  • Physician
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Software Architect
  • Software Development Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Solutions Architect
  • Lawyer
  • Analytics Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Tax Manager

Apart from the rise of the healthcare employment market and minor slowdown of the technology sector, this year’s top-paid jobs are finally seeing some diversity. There are jobs from almost all spheres including finance, accounting, sales, human resources and etc.

Does this hint an upcoming decline in the technology sector of a bigger scale? That is hardly the case. The reason behind this seeming slowdown has to do with the fact that job positions like IT manager and mobile developer are no longer a novelty, as it was the case a few years back. The hunger for such professionals is still here, but their number on the job market is enough to sate it for the time being.

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