PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset is Months Away


Sony introduced an improved prototype of its virtual reality headset known as Project Morpheus. The company also shared that it plans to launch a PlayStation-compatible version of the device… in a few months!

Sony’s VR headset will be compatible with the company’s newest gaming console – PlayStation 4. The product does not have a specific launch date. However, from Sony aim to release it on the consumer market in the first half of 2016. That means that PS virtual reality gameplay is only months away.

Another big mystery about Sony’s virtual reality headset is its price. However, other similar VR gadgets like Oculus Rift are expected to be priced at about $350 to $400.

VR Games for PlayStation

It is not clear whether PS users will be able to enjoy current PS4 titles through the upcoming Virtual Reality accessory. Chances are that it will probably work with VR-enhanced titles. The good news is that Sony has already teamed up with a number of developers who promise to create VR games for PlayStation 4 consoles.

One of the first virtual reality titles that PS4 fans will be able to play is called “London Heist.” The game will be a cover-based first-person shooter. Apart from Sony’s VR headset, the gameplay of this title will require the use of two PlayStation Move motion controllers. The game will involve many physical actions, like bending, walking and etc. In contrast, games developed for Oculus Rift for instance require gamers to be seated.

According to Shuhei Yoshida, chief of Sony Worldwide Studios, the company will loan prototypes of its Project Morpheus headsets to developers next month. Yoshida explained that the latest prototype of the device is also a “near-final” version of the Virtual Reality gadget. Therefore, game developers will soon have the chance to start creating VR titles for PlayStation 4 gaming consoles.

Catching Up with the Competition

By announcing its nearly ready Virtual Reality headset, Sony tries to catch up with its main rival on the console gaming market – Microsoft. Back in January, Microsoft Inc. unveiled a holographic headset called HoloLens. It is expected that the gadget will be launched towards the end of 2015, ahead of Christmas 2015. This means that the U.S. company will not only enjoy a head start, but it will make the most of the busy holiday shopping season. In addition, HoloLens is reported to be compatible not only with Microsoft’s Xbox One console, but will all of its Windows 10 products, like laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. If that is really the case, Sony will have to think of a way to put more on the table.


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