LEGO sets to debute on Xbox, PlayStation this summer


This year promises to be generous in LEGO video games. It was just announced that a number of LEGO sets, that were inspired by popular films, will land on gaming consoles in 2015.

A new video game lineup developed by The LEGO Group, Warner Bros. and TT Games will be launched later this year. The main titles will be based on the films Jurassic Park and The Avengers.

The news about LEGO Jurassic Park game is not unexpected. Rumours that the franchise is going to make its way on PS and Xbox consoles have been going around for some time. The video game version of LEGO: Jurassic Park is scheduled to be released in June 2015. It will be launched on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, as well as PC. Moreover, the storyline in the game will not be based only on the first and second Jurassic Park movies, but also on the upcoming Jurassic Park III.

LEGO Marvel Avengers, on the other hand, will be based on the already released Marvel movies. The game will allow players to create almost an entire army of superheroes and use their powers to save the world. LEGO: Marvel Avengers video game will be released on the same gaming platforms as LEGO: Jurassic Park. Nevertheless, it will arrive a few months later – in the fall of 2015.

It was also announced that LEGO will launch a video game based on LEGO’s Ninjago series, Shadow of Ronin. However, it will be launched only on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. That will happen on March 24.

LEGO fans who prefer mobile gaming will be more than happy to hear that LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham will be launched in a mobile version this summer. However, there is no information whether the app will land on all main mobile platforms or whether it will be released exclusively on just one of them.

These upcoming LEGO video games are expected to quickly turn into a hit. A little known fact is that LEGO console games are among the most successful gaming series in the world. So far, they have sold in more than 100 million units. This achievement has been repeated only by a very small number of game franchises. To prove a point, among them are Grand Theft Auto, Mario, Need for Speed, FIFA, Final Fantasy and Pokemon.

Those, who cannot wait to play the new LEGO titled on their console or PC, can kill some time with some of the previously released LEGO video games. The LEGO Movie Videogame, LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Star Wars are still on the market.


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