Valentine’s Day Can Be Terrible for Couples, Too



With the most romantic day of the year fast approaching, many single men and women start feeling alone and depressed, while those happily in love are frantically prepping with gifts, restaurant reservations, and surprises. But it’s not all roses and champagne – Valentine’s Day can be pretty terrible for couples, too.

Couple in Paris walking on the bridge Alexander the ThirdDo you really think that all couples are happy on Valentine’s Day? It’s a myth. There’s one unpleasant truth that magazines, retailers, and travel agents will never tell you – Valentine’s Day is often more stressful than fun or romantic. Here are 6 surprising reasons why couples sometimes hate Valentine’s Day:

Valentine's Day CardChoosing “the perfect” gift… again

The Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays were less than a couple of months ago. Shopping for your loved one was a struggle, so who wants to go through that again? And besides, it feels like telling your sweetheart your love is worth an iPhone or a bouquet of roses.

Valentine’s Day-themed everything

Red roses, heart-shaped cookies, Valentine’s Day teddy bears, pink and red everywhere – they’re OK if you are 15 years old. But for most of us, who already got our degrees, have a job and a mortgage, this is just too much. And the best romantic gifts aren’t so clichéd, but things and experiences that actually mean something to your loved one.

It’s impossible to find a nice restaurant

Restaurants are always fully booked on Valentine’s Day and even if you planned ahead and have a reservation at your favourite place, it’s almost certain it will be insanely crowded. Usually, you have no choice but to try out a new one, which is never a good idea for a special occasion.

Expensive hotels

Valentine’s Day is this time of the year, when hotels and resorts double their rates whether there is huge demand from couples or not. Prices during the weekends are generally higher and as the holiday falls on Saturday this year, you should prepare to pay a lot more than usual.

Different expectations

Most men and women don’t have the same idea about Valentine’s Day – some prefer a romantic dinner with wine and candles, while others want a night out with their better half. Moreover, many women are serious about this holiday, while guys can do with only pizza and a box of chocolates for their loved one. Different expectations can get you in a trouble – and that on the one day, supposed to be the most romantic time of the year.

Of course, not all couples hate Valentine’s Day. In fact, probably the one thing that is more annoying than the commercialized romance is the people who pretend to hate it. The truth is that most of us actually love this time of the year, or at least we should, even if we have no special someone – we can at least spend some quality time with our closest friends. Or use it as an excuse to pamper ourselves with a bit of shopping, a couple of hours at the spa, or with a nice piece of chocolate cake.


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