8 Rules of The Happy Productive Entrepreneur


There are countless recipes online for becoming a successful entrepreneur, but we all know one of the most important ingredients – hard work. In order to stay productive, you need to focus only on what really matters and forget some of your usual habits. Creating a new routine will help you not only to be more productive and effective, but also more satisfied with your professional and personal life. Here are the 8 rules of productive  entrepreneur, that are also helpful to balance happiness levels:

Optimize the way you handle your email

How many times do you open emails? Reading them all over again? And is your inbox always full of unread messages? Start your day with a 5-min email check, open each message and decide what to do with it immediately – respond right away, read it and respond later, or delete it. Dealing with it later will only waste time and energy, although in many cases it would be better to take some time to think more before hitting the send button.

Forget about app notifications

You may think they are important, but app notifications are only noisy, buzzing, tweeting distractions. You can always check what’s up on your phone when you’re not busy, without being reminded every 10 seconds.

Manage your meetings

Does your company have a meeting every morning? Many managers think that’s the right strategy, but often, there’s simply nothing to discuss with your staff or co-workers. Reviewing the tasks for the day isn’t necessary as employers already know what to do. Meetings are supposed to solve problems. Business meetings with your partners or clients also should have a purpose instead of happening just because they were planned a month ago.


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