Kris Fade and Two Tone release new single ‘In It For Love’


Kris & Two Tone AAward winning Virgin Radio DJ Kris Fade has announced he will drop a new single featuring none other than Number One selling Moroccan hip hop artist, Two Tone.  Titled ’In It For Love’, the song will make its debut on Virgin Radio on Wednesday 28th January and will be released across the region on iTunes Middle East, on 2nd February and on Worldwide iTunes on 11th February.

With his recognisable voice (and tresses too!), enjoying the current status of a semi-legendary, cult figure of the airwaves, and a godfather to all hip clubs and venues in existence, Kris Fade is a mainstay of the local music scene! So, it was just a matter of time and focus till he further explored his intuitive, gut-driven singularity, darting thoughts and creative persona… in the recording studio.

The result of this playful exploration and what started out as a bit of fun is ‘In It For Love’, on which he spent studio time with Two Tone, who not only collaborated on writing the single, but ultimately also produced it.

“We’re really excited about releasing this song to the public and hope that they will love listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it,” said Kris Fade. “It’s been a work in progress for some time now, and while it’s just a bit of a fun music endeavor, I think it really captures some of the characters you find here in Dubai.”

With an extremely catchy beat, and lyrics poking fun at the gold-digging women and flashy men who are so ubiquitous on the Dubai scene (‘You ever heard of love at first sight? No? You just might if the Jimmy Choo fits right’), ‘In It For Love’ has the makings of an infectious hit.

Two Tone has commented on the launch of the song saying: “Kris Fade is one of my best friends, and it’s always fun to get the chance to hit the recording studio with one of your closest friends.  I’m really excited for him. I think ‘In It For Love’ is a great track, it represents the region well, and we hope the fans will enjoy it.”

Kris Fade found fame in 2014 with his song, ‘Almost Famous,’ which started as a dare and ended up at #1 on the Virgin Radio charts thanks to the catchy nature of the song and Kris’s legions of fans who showed their dedication and loyalty to the radio DJ.

Hip Hop artist Two Tone enjoyed major success in the past year, with hits such as ‘Senorita’ – a collaboration with Cuban artist, Erick Machado and Reggeaton heavyweight Nengro Flow that reached #1 across Morocco, Dubai and Europe, and ‘Mektab/Destiny’, featuring Arabic heavyweight Rhany, that reached #1 on the iTunes Middle East charts, a first for a locally based artist.

Kris Fade and Two Tone will also be performing their single live at RedfestDXB in February, with tickets now on sale at Time Out Tickets and Virgin Megastore.

‘In It For Love’ is available on iTunes in the both the Middle East and globally. 


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