World’s Most Limited PS4 Sells with Record Price Tag


In December, Sony announced that it will release a special edition PlayStation 4 console in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand. The company said that the units will be available in very limited quantities and that they will not be available for purchase from retailers. In fact, the anniversary limitrd PS4 is so rare that its price has just hit $130,000!

One of the retro-themed PlayStation 4 consoles was recently sold for this record price of $129,000. An unnamed gaming fan was more than willing to spend nearly $130,000 on 20th anniversary edition of the PS at an auction organized by Sony. What is more interesting, however, is that all other 20th anniversary consoles were sold with a price tag of $340, which is even cheaper than the regular edition of PS4.

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So, what makes the $130,000 PS4 more valuable than the other 12,300 units from this series? According to Sony, this super-expensive console is extremely rare because it has a serial number 00001. In other words, it is the first 20th anniversary console that the company produced. Apart from that, however, the console does not impress with anything else. Just like the other limited-edition PS4 devices, it comes in “Original Grey,” which was also the colour of the first PlayStation console. In addition, the design of the gaming device resembles that of Sony’s first PS.

The record sale surprised even Sony. Representatives of the company admitted that the bid surpassed all their expectations. Nevertheless, Sony also shared that the money will go for charity.

Exactly 1,585 people participated in the auction for the world’s rarest PlayStation console. However, only one of them will play games on this gaming device. If you are interested in purchasing some of the remaining 12,300 units of the 20th anniversary PS4 console, you will be disappointed to hear that they are already sold-out as well. Than happened back in December, just days after the company announced the release of the special-edition devices.


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